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porn money

Porn is a huge driver of online traffic, and Netflix has been successfully conditioning millions of people to consume online video with an all-you-can-eat subscription. So why hasn’t the adult industry been able to get consumers to pay up for a Netflix for porn? Read more »

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Want to know whenever Netflix adds something good to its instant streaming catalog? Then check out Qup, which offers customizable email notifications for new Netflix content. There are many tools to help you find content on Netflix out there, but this is definitely worth a look. Read more »

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We all will watch 833 days of video every single second by 2016, and much of that video consumption won’t happen on the PC. Instead, we are seeing a huge growth of connected TV traffic, and video consumption on tablets is also skyrocketing. Read more »

amazon xbox

The Xbox 360 just got more videos: Amazon launched an app on the game console that offers access to both video-on-demand and Prime Instant subscription streams. With 25 percent of all Netflix traffic coming from the Xbox, it’s an important place to be for Amazon. Read more »


Remember the Internet Underground Music Archive, also known as IUMA? The site pioneered independent music distribution online, offering bands hosting space for their songs as early as 1993. Now, six years after IUMA’s website went dark, its 680,000 songs have started reappearing online. Read more »

phil defranco yt stars

Philip DeFranco’s new YouTube channel Sourcefed clocked 100 million views since it launched three months ago as part of YouTube’s new channel roll-out. But with YouTube focusing on professional content, smaller producers could be left behind. That’s why DeFranco wants to share the stage with them. Read more »

googleplus android 1

Google has completely revamped its Google+ Android app, putting a much bigger emphasis on photo sharing and integrating its Google+ Hangouts video chat more tightly. The UI refresh comes just weeks after a similar relaunch of the Google+ iPhone app. Read more »


Player FM. wants to make it easier to consume podcasts across different devices: The web-based curation and playback platform was launched by former Googler Michael Mahemoff just a few days ago, but Mahemoff is already thinking about bringing new ad formats and micropayments to podcasts. Read more »


Spotify has now 20 million monthly active users, according to new estimates based on publicly available Facebook data. The company’s growth has accelerated ever since its Facebook integration launched – but it’s success isn’t extraordinary: Long forgotten music services like Imeem were once just as popular. Read more »

Kylo browser

Hillcrest Labs’ Kylo browser for TV viewing on home theater PCs is going open source: The company released the source code for the browser under the Mozilla Public License, hoping that others will pick up some of the development of the TV-optimized browser platform. Read more »

ios4 feature

Google has rolled out a significant update to its Google+ iPhone app that comes with an interesting approach towards mobile platforms: This time around, iOS is getting to experience the UI changes first. An update to the Google+ Android app is planed for the coming weeks. Read more »

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