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ifixit feature art

Popular electronics repair site iFixit just launched its Android app on Google Play, making it possible to use your mobile device as the repair manual for your Macbook while its internals are spilled all over your kitchen table. Read more »

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Google’s Chrome browser is coming to iOS devices: The browser will be available both for iPhone and iPad via iTunes later today. This brings cross-device Chrome synching to iOS – and for Google represents a significant step towards capturing the mobile browser market. Read more »

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Caroline Wozniacki

Want to watch all the action from Wimbledon, without calling in sick for two weeks? No worries, tennis fans can watch much of the action online, thanks to multiple live streams. Apps for Android and iOS even make the prestigious tournament available on the go. Read more »


Real-time data is coming to video, courtesy of Ooyala: The video platform vendor is launching a real-time analytics dashboard for big video publishers this summer, allowing them to adjust live video streams as needed. The offering is powered by technology open sourced by Twitter. Read more »

Damian Black, CEO, SQLstream
photo: Pinar Ozger

When Mozilla released Firefox 4 in early 2011, it displayed a real-time download counter on its website. How could the site process that much data that quickly? SQLstream CEO Damian Black explained at GigaOM’s Structure conference Thursday that the secret was dataflow. Read more »

Aditya Agarwal Dropbox Adrian Cockcroft Netflix Alexei Rodriguez Evernote Corporation
photo: Pinar Ozger

Netflix stores the master copy of its data in the cloud, and the company’s director of architecture Adrian Cockcroft thinks that startups should do the same thing. Cockcroft shared some of Netflix’s experiences with AWS as part of a guru panel at GigaOM’s Structure conference. Read more »

spotify whats next invite

Netflix wants to sell you and all-you-can-eat subscription plan for movies and TV shows, Spotify wants you to pay a flat monthly fee for music. What if the two companies joined forces and used each other’s strength to grow their markets? Read more »

broken tv

This week, both Dailymotion and Metacafe got acquired, ending the independence of two sites that at one time went head-to-head with YouTube, competing for the attention of users uploading their homemade videos. This made us wonder: Whatever did happen to all those other once-promising YouTube competitors? Read more »

zeebox ad

U.K. second-screen startup Zeebox is getting close to expand beyond British borders: U.S. TV viewers could have access to the Zeebox app within the next 60 days, according to the company’s CTO Anthony Rose, who previously led the design and development of the BBC’s iPlayer. Read more »

malkoff hastings feature

Mark Malkoff recently watched 252 Netflix movies in one single month to figure out how far he could take the company’s unlimited streaming plan. That instantly gained him notoriety as Netflix’s most obsessive user – and an invitation to the company’s campus in Los Gatos, Californa. Read more »


Soundrop became the first app on Spotify’s app platform to secure major funding this week, and its investor is none other than Northzone – a company that also led the music service’s early funding round. But Soundrop has big ambitions that reach well beyond Spotify. Read more »

free your tv

Are you looking to cancel cable or reduce your pay TV bill, but unsure where to start? Then look no further: We just released a new e-book titled Cut the Cord: All You Need to Know to Drop Cable that explains it all. Read more »

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