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The FBI has shut down MegaUploadcom with help of law enforcement agencies around the world. The bureau also indicted seven people involved with MegaUpload, including the company’s founder Kim Schmitz. Four of the seven have been arrested, but it’s unclear whether Schmitz is also in custody. Read more »


U.K. Netflix clone Lovefilm just announced an app for LG’s smart TV’s, and the company is also getting ready to launch on Roku’s media streamer once the device becomes available to Britons. Details on the Roku app are scarce, but it could launch in early February. Read more »


Anti-SOPA protesters are taking their cause to the streets on Wednesday, with protests scheduled in New York and San Francisco. We will cover the event in San Francisco, which will feature Ron Conway as a headline speaker, with a live video stream. Read more »

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Grooveshark has shut down in Germany, blaming exorbitant licensing costs and redirecting users to a local Spotify clone. However, rights holders singled out by Grooveshark say that they have never actually been contacted by the service. Meanwhile U.S. lawsuits against Grooveshark continue. Read more »

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Netgear is trying to compete with Roku, Apple TV and Boxee with its own streaming media player. The NeoTV has a few hundred apps, including Vudu, Netflix and YouTube, but lacks local playback capability and Hulu Plus. Should you buy it? Check out our review. Read more »

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Roku is starting to sell its Roku LT and Roku 2 XS players in the U.K. and Ireland. The company is hoping to cash in on the launch of Netflix in both countries earlier this week, and possibly make up for weaker-than-expected sales last year. Read more »

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Google is rolling out a tight integration of its search on and Google+. Users who opt to personalize their search results will get to see posts from their Google+ contacts mixed with classic search results. This could be a big boon for Google’s social network. Read more »


Want to catch all the action at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, but didn’t make it out to Las Vegas? Don’t worry: Many of the keynotes and press conferences are streamed live online, and numerous outlets have set up their own show floor live feeds. Read more »

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There are two rumors about Roku going around these days: One says that the company is getting ready to be acquired, possibly by Intel. The other one says it’s getting more funding. Which one makes more sense for Roku? The answer may surprise you. Read more »


Netflix, AT&T’s 250-GB bandwidth caps, the Royal Wedding, Roku, Google+ Hangouts and The Guild were only some of the subjects that proved to be really popular this year. Check out our list of the eleven most-read NewTeeVee posts of 2011. Read more »


Imagine citizen journalists could remix radio programs or TV news features simply by copy and pasting text fragments of their manuscripts and closed captions: That’s the idea behind hypermedia, and first tools to make it happen could become available as early as next year. Read more »

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