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Brad Hunstable shows off Ustream's Honeycomb app has been cashing in on its premium broadcasting services, which allow customers to stream live video without ads: The live streaming site announced Wednesday that revenue from this line of products grew 290 percent year-over-year. And increasingly, those streams are viewed on mobile devices. Read more »

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A video site that lets users bookmark and share embedded videos from other websites doesn’t commit copyright infringement – and just watching a stream of a video that someone else has uploaded isn’t infringing either: That’s the gist of a court decision in favor of myVidster. Read more »

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photo: YouTube

YouTube is going to teach 16 of its site’s up-and-coming comedians the skills of producing and marketing their wares to the online audience with its new YouTube’s Next Comic program. Grooming talent like this makes sense, as the biggest YouTube success stories have been homegrown. Read more »

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China’s state television is streaming 5,600 hours of live coverage of the the Olympic Games online — and it’s for the first time ever specifically targeting iPad and mobile users with a premium stream. However, it’s not giving up on P2P video streaming entirely. Read more »

roku xs

Roku has raised $45M in additional funding from News Corp., BSkyB and others. The company wants to use the funding for further international expansion, and also hints at additional partnerships with pay TV providers. But who is the mystery “unnamed strategic investor” that joined this round? Read more »

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photo: Image courtesy of Google.

Google’s Nexus Q music streaming device officially went up for sale on Google Play this week. The device wants to compete with Sonos, btu also stream videos from YouTube and Google Play. How well does it work? Check out our video review. Read more »

the open championship

Want to watch the world’s best golf players compete against each other at the Open Championship, but don’t have a TV nearby? No worries, much of the tournament is live streamed online, viewable either on your PC or mobile device – with no cable subscription required. Read more »

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