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favtv featured has bought in a deal that’s been described as an acqui-hire. The team will join to strengthen its mobile strategy. One of the first tasks for the new hires: Make’s personalized Watchlist recommendations a centerpiece of its mobile apps. Read more »

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Machinima is rocking it on YouTube: The video game content publisher clocked close to 350 million domestic video views in January alone. That’s more than all the views of the next seven biggest publishers combined. Worldwide, Machinima had 1.3 billion YouTube views in January. Read more »

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Good news for Plex users: The next version of the company’s media center server software will have support for DLNA devices, which brings Plex to the PS3, connected TVs and a bunch of other devices. Check out this episode of Cord Cutters for an exclusive preview. Read more »

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As of Wednesday, Netflix subscribers don’t have access to the Starz Play live TV feed anymore, effectively ending what could have become Netflix’s live TV streaming business. Never heard of the ability to watch live TV through the Netflix website? You’re not alone. Read more »

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How many Google TV devices are actually being used by consumers? Google and its partners have never released any sales figures, but publicly available Android Market data offers some interesting insights. Market data also suggests that price may be key to Google TV’s future success. Read more »

ze frank comeback

It took video blogging pioneer Ze Frank less than eight hours to achieve his funding goal of $50,000 on Kickstarter yesterday. Now he’s already working on planing the relaunch of his show, which is currently scheduled to debut at the end of March. Read more »

ze frank comeback

Ze Frank, the original vlogger, is working on a comeback. His new show could start as soon as he reaches his goal of $50,000 funding on Kickstarter. The odds are looking good: Fans already pledged more than $25,000 just two hours after his pitch went up. Read more »

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Iran is tightening its grip on the Internet before Friday’s parliamentary elections, but activists from Tor and related projects vow to keep up the free flow of information. That’s the best thing the world can do for the country, says the founder of Iran’s Reddit. Read more »

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Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said this week that he thinks Netflix could have up to three times as many U.S. customers as the premium cable network HBO. The remarks were made in a presentation about the company’s business opportunity, which interestingly doesn’t mention DVDs at all. Read more »


Boxee revealed in a filing with the FCC this week that it’s working on additional products that could be used as alternatives to traditional cable set-top boxes. What does the company have up its sleeve? We can only guess — but, hey, that’s fun too! Read more »

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iLike was once the most popular music application of Facebook, with close to 10 million active users generating 1.5 billion page views per month. On Tuesday, it finally shut down. Its demise proves once again that online music is a tough business to be in. Read more »

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