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Bambuser users may soon have a much bigger audience: The Swedish live streaming startup has partnered with Associated Press. The news organization will be able to add footage from citizen reporters all around the world its own work, and credit them properly. Read more »

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Google is working on turning its Hangouts video chat platform into a collaborative live streaming product that will give everyone the ability to stream their Hangout sessions to an unlimited number of viewers. Check out our interview with Google Engineering Director Chee Chew for details. Read more »


Roku is just about ready to start selling its devices to consumers in Canada, and it looks like the company will concentrate on two models that will sell through Amazon’s local website. We have also heard that Roku’s boxes will be slightly more expensive in Canada. Read more »

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Eric Huls of Allstate Insurance, Jeremy Howard of Kaggle, and Ryan Kim of GigaOM at Structure:Data 2012

Predicting risk is key to the way insurance companies figure out your monthly rates and premiums, and it needs data and time to do so. Allstate said at Structure:Data that the best use of this data was to give it to the 30,000 scientists competing on Kaggle. Read more »

HTC Rezound Launch Event

Mobile handset maker HTC has bought music subscription service MOG, according to a rumor reported by Business Insider. We haven’t been able to verify the rumor, but have also heard that term sheets have been going back and forth between the two companies. Read more »


Unsuccessful DVD streaming service Zediva said in an email to its former customers this weekend that it has completed its liquidation process. Creditors got $0.018 on the dollar, and customers who pre-paid for Zediva’s DVD streaming service won’t get any refund Read more »

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MTV wants to embrace indie bands in a big way, launching 1 million artist pages later this summer. But how is the network going to make sure artists actually sign up? Tie-ins with its on-air programming and e-commerce opportunities could be key. Read more »


Fragmentation? What fragmentation? Netflix’s Android app is being used on close to 1000 different Android devices each and every day, complete with multiple OS versions and custom ROMs. But for its daily testing, the company relies on a surprisingly small array of Android handsets and tablets. Read more »

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Spotify apparently didn’t want to wait any longer for its launch in Germany, which came two weeks before the service is having its final negotiations with rights holders group GEMA. The final deal with GEMA could determine how much music Germans will get for free. Read more »

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Al Jazeera has just launched a multi-lingual educational campaign about social media, with YouTube videos explaining how to use Twitter, Facebook and other online platforms. The goal is to make people more media-savvy and, in the long run, raise a new generation of citizen journalists. Read more »

simple tv device is targeting cord cutters with its low-cost, bring-your-own-storage DVR that’s slated for release by the end of spring. We have the first screenshots of the HTML5 app that the company will use to target Boxee, Google TV and other connected devices. Read more »

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