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Gesture recognition app Flutter just came out with a new version that makes it possible to skip from one Spotify song to another with a simple gesture, captured by your webcam. Of course, you could just press a key. But Flutter’s plans are much more ambitious. Read more »

Educational content still looks and feels like mobile apps before the iPhone, argued Rafter CEO Mehdi Maghsoodnia at GigaOM’s Mobilize 2012 conference. His thought-provoking take: What education really needs is not more digitized textbooks, but open platforms, where smaller innovators can compete with big publishers. Read more »


Bringing plugin-free voice and video chat to the browser just got a little easier: Mozilla and the Xiph Foundation officially released version 1.0 of their open and royalty-free Opus audio codec Tuesday. The codec could also be used by music services like Spotify. Read more »

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Now you’ve got another way to burn through your mobile data caps: BitTorrent just launched a beta version of its uTorrent client for Android. The new mobile software allows torrent downloads straight to your Android phone, and should help BitTorrent grow its mobile user base. Read more »

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