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Google may be getting ready to add Chromecast support to its Google+ mobile apps: A resourceful Google+ user has found Chromecast icons in the latest version of the Google+ Android app, suggesting that the app could soon be used to cast photos and videos to a […] Read more »

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Netflix just added director’s commentary to the fist season on House of Cards, giving its subscribers the option to re-watch the political drama with audio commentary from all six season one directors, including most notably David Fincher. It’s a smart move that adds a new twist to the show in time to get people excited for season two, which is coming to the service in February. It also goes to show that original content comes with added benefits for Netflix, including the ability to add new features like this extra audio track, or the 4K resolution that Netflix will offer for season two.

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An ongoing legal fight between major record labels and video hoster Vimeo could finally decide whether internet users have the right to record lib dub videos of popular songs, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The lawsuit against Vimeo is heading to appellate review, and one of the issues that is going to be explored there is the legality of lip dubs. Another question raised in a decision this week: Does a video site have knowledge of infringement if some of its employees watch an infringing video?

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Chances are that we will see a webOS-powered LG smart TV at CES next week, and a first leak, courtesy of evleaks, already gives us an idea of how the device’s user interface could look like. The leaked image shows off live TV integration and access to a variety of apps through something that resembles the cards interface of webOS mobile devices. Some of the apps included are YouTube, Facebook and Skype, with the latter suggesting that the device will have a camera as well.

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Get ready for this: Reddit had 56 billion pageviews and 731 million unique visitors this year, according to a post published on the official Reddit blog.  Possibly even more remarkable: The site had more than 40 million posts in 2013, and the most-read post only had 3.6 million pageviews, meaning that a whole lot of activity came from the long tail. Maybe Reddit should change its tagline to “the 731 million front pages of the internet”?

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P2P piracy may be less in the spotlight than it used to be, but people are still trading a whole lot of files: Data published by Torrentfreak shows that the Pirate Bay saw file uploads surge by 50 percent in 2012, despite various legal attacks against the site that forced it to change domains multiple times, and resulted in it being blocked in a number of European countries. In November of 2013 alone, 74,195 torrents were uploaded to the site. Two years ago, that number was at just 38,319. Those torrents are shared by around 19 million people at a time, according to Torrentfreak.

In Brief released its Android app this past weekend, giving owners of its DVR  a way to stream live and recorded TV to Android phones and tablets. is targeting cord cutters with a DVR that records free over-the-air digital TV and then streams it to mobile and connected devices. The company just started to sell its second-generation hardware, and is set to show off a cloud DVR offering at CES in Las Vegas next month. We first showed off’s Android app in a video a few weeks ago. Sony may be looking to sell media recognition specialist Gracenote, according to a Bloomberg report. There’s no word yet on how much money Sony is looking to make, whether the company intends to keep a stake in the unit, or even who a potential buyer […] Read more »

Viki, the international streaming video service that recently got acquired by Japan’s Rakuten, just took a big step into the Chinese market: Viki is supplying Baidu with movies and TV shows from a variety of countries including South Korea, Japan, the U.K. and the U.S., which […] Read more »

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