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3D as a form of entertainment has gone from novelty to semi-forgotten relic. Now, thanks to a recent spate of 3D movies, it’s back. It’s likely to stay around this time, because the business base is strong and new tech offers better options for capturing, distributing […] Read more »

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Printing color pages is so expensive that it’s practically frowned upon by businesses. The problem is that something with even the smallest streak of color costs as much as a full-color print. That’s why today’s announcement of a new printer from Xerox, with a three-level color […] Read more »

Almost two years after its last update, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) on Tuesday announced specs for version 3.0 of the wireless standard, with a focus on improved data speed and connection reliability, and better battery-life management. The speed boost to 24 Mbps from the […] Read more »

It looks like Google’s search robot will finally be crawling its way to your TV.  According to the chairman of Japan’s Open Embedded Software Foundation (OESF), several Android-based set top boxes will be shown in the fall at the CEATEC electronics show. Set-top boxes (STBs) offering […] Read more »

Building apps across different mobile platforms is hard and time-consuming for programmers because each platform has a complex, proprietary language. Objective-C, for example, a language used mainly to write for the iPhone, is known for being significantly different than other, more standard ones. This, especially in […] Read more »

Everyone knows that following a top TV show is no longer just about watching the show. Some of our favorites, like Lost, have enhanced the draw of their stories through online games, interactive back stories, and tons of extra content like podcasts. The Interactive Media Peer […] Read more »

Dell has released the Adamo notebook PC, its entry into the high-end ultra-thin market currently dominated by Apple’s Macbook Air. But while bringing out a $2,000 ”fashion” laptop in the middle of a difficult economy may seem like a mistake, two main things will keep it from being a dud: The trend toward design as a major factor in purchases and Dell’s long-term customer loyalty initiatives. Read more »

When Google’s Latitude location service launched, one of the main problems users experienced was that the service only located users’ Google contacts — it didn’t include access to the most popular social networks, through which many users connect with friends. Therefore, it was only natural that […] Read more »

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Multimedia-based mobile phones with independent apps are all the rage these days, thanks in large part to the iPhone and its successful, market-equalizing App Store. It seems like every new product touts an open SDK, hoping a killer app will herd consumers and lead it to […] Read more »

Earlier today, the LG Spyder 830 cell phone was recalled by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), which said it presented a hazard to the public because it doesn’t hold a connection and has poor voice quality during 911 emergency calls. The recall stems from […] Read more »

Earlier today, Motorola announced it was selling Good Technology, the wireless email software division it bought for $400 million only 2 years ago, to Visto technologies, the leader in enterprise push email. This move signals the end of Motorola’s attempt to build a business-specific phone to […] Read more »

When Garmin announced in the lead-up to the Mobile World Congress an ongoing deal with Asus to build its long-anticipated Nuvifone GPS phone line, you could practically hear the wincing. Within hours, the move was alternately being called an admission of failure (Garmin originally planned to build the phone itself) and a desperate ploy to ride the goodwill engendered by Asus’ EeePC netbook. Analysts projected that new phones with versatile GPS features would crush the Nuvi by the time the device was finally released. The naysayers are jumping the gun. A GPS-focused phone can be a viable device so long as it follows the golden rule of the mobile market: Do one thing really well. Read more »

Sony Ericsson recently reported huge losses for the second straight quarter, for which it blamed the struggling economy. The results included a $240 million quarter loss and a 21 percent drop in phone shipments, garnering a vote of low confidence among analysts. And as Dick Komiyama, […] Read more »

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