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Novatel makes an adapter that lets you use ExpressCard devices in older PC Card slots.  The XCA-3 is not a new product but since I recently switched to an ExpressCard EV-DO modem I haven’t been able to use EV-DO on the Fujitsu P1610.  Today I ordered […] Read more »

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Paul Prawdiuk found the Samsung Q1 Ultra is now only $899 at Best Buy.  The Q1 Ultra is the latest model of the Q1 from Samsung and has some pretty decent specs for that price: 40GB hard drive (4200 rpm)     Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 950 […] Read more »

PC Magazine is my favorite publication for their constant coverage of what’s new in the mobile technology space.  I may not always agree with their reviews of mobile devices but that’s not unusual since those devices are very personal and a given reviewer either likes it […] Read more »

Dan, our good buddy better known in these parts as Thoughtfix, is one of the most dedicated Nokia N800 enthusiasts on the planet.  His blog is a great source of continual information about the N800 and his videos are always informative and entertaining.  He’s recently put […] Read more »

Time for another Mobipocket update since I’m happily reading ebooks on my BlackBerry again.   Remember I’ve had problems with Mobipocket since their DRM server went down a few weeks ago.   The end result of that down time was my Blackberry wouldn’t run the Mobipocket reader so […] Read more »

One of the interesting things we watch about visitors to jkOnTheRun is what browser is being used for the access.  This lets us get a snapshot of how many people are using Firefox versus Internet Explorer.  The current statistic shows that Firefox is still gaining on […] Read more »

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I said on the latest MobileTechRoundup podcast that I was sure I would be getting an iPod Touch, I just didn’t know when.  After reading Brighthand’s review of the newest iPod that may be sooner than I thought.  The reviewer covers all the basics and was […] Read more »

Maybe that’s an exaggeration but look at the picture from this article at Tablet PC2.  I see something like 13 different Tablets and UMPCs and Linda Epstein has done her usual good job telling us what she likes and dislikes about each one.  She discusses important […] Read more »

Tonight Firefox installed a new updated version, I don’t know what it adds but let’s hope it fixes the hangups! One thing I know for sure, I’ve been using Internet Explorer quite a bit since Firefox has been acting up and boy, Firefox is sssooooooo much […] Read more »

A new service has rolled out in over 1,800 citiies in the US that lets cell phone owners get driving directions between two points using voice commands.  Dial Directions is as simple as dialing the service “DIR-ECT-IONS” (347-328-4667), speaking your location and desired destination (address, intersection, […] Read more »

We got some good commentary to the Firefox hangup post yesterday and a number of you said that your Firefox hangups were happening on Mac OS X only.  At the time of my original post I was only having the problem on the Vista version of […] Read more »

The newest Fujitsu UMPC, the u810, is now on sale at the Fujitsu US online store.  There are two configurations available, one with Vista Business and another with Vista Home Premium.  The two models otherwise seem to be configured the same and are priced at $1,099 […] Read more »

I love Firefox but the past week it’s been killing me.  It’s a strange situation and searching on the web hasn’t turned up anything pertinent so I’m going to see if anybody else is experiencing this.  Firefox runs fine but sometimes in the middle of doing […] Read more »

One thing is for certain, any news about gear bags is a hot topic around these parts.  Finding the perfect gear bag is as important a quest as finding the perfect gadget.  You know I’m right about that.  Buddy Marc Orchant is now getting our gear […] Read more »

Yesterday was a typical weekend day at Mobile Tech Manor and I needed to get some serious writing done but the distractions were making that difficult.  There were carpets being steam-cleaned, furniture being rearranged and people in and out of the house.  I decided to head […] Read more »

OK, after clicking on a bunch of links in the email and on the HP web site a clearer picture is emerging (I think).  It appears that the only thing shipping now is the extra travel A/C adapter.  Hence the 4 pounds of which I’m hoping […] Read more »

OK, now I am completely confused.  After my conversation with HP yesterday it was determined that the 2710p I ordered would likely ship at the end of this month.  I received an email from HP at midnight last night that totally confuses the situation: This was […] Read more »

When I ordered the HP 2710p last night from the HP web site it was strange that they wouldn’t indicate any estimated shipping date.  Today I received a phone call from HP confirming that I had indeed placed the order, something that’s a nice touch to […] Read more »

Reader Patrick Duncan sent me an email recently with a great suggestion.  He asked that Kevin and I set up a page on jkOnTheRun where we each will keep an up-to-date list of our mobile gear so that over time a picture could emerge over what […] Read more »

We were all prepared in Houston for Tropical Storm Humberto but little did anyone expect it to strengthen overnight to hurricane strength and turn northeast.  That turn spared Houston, our thoughts are with those to the east who were not so fortunate. Read more »

There are few things that can get a geek going like finally receiving a gadget that breaks all the molds.  Jenn of Pocketables has received such a device and has posted an unboxing piece with lots of great photos.  I know how Jenn feels, the HTC […] Read more »

I have been evaluating the HP 2710p for a few weeks as you know and it’s been a surprisingly pleasant experience.  The 2710p comes very close to duplicating the experience of the venerable tc1100, something I thought impossible for a convertible Tablet PC to do.  It […] Read more »

I was contacted by a company that is introducing a new line of gear bags, Loop Bags.  So far they are showing three different bags, a CD Bag, Messenger Bag and a Backpack.  The designs are very modern and unlike anything I have seen before, especially […] Read more »

Parallels Desktop is my favorite way to run Windows on my MacBook Pro and I see on MacMinute today that version 3.1 has been released.  The update adds user profiles and better Coherence mode that includes Expose and transparent windows support among other improvements.  Kevin recently […] Read more »

Engadget has discovered that Sony is set to release an update to the Sony Reader.  The PRS-505 will come in either silver or blue and still cost $300.  It looks like some of the buttons have been moved around but not much else is different, and […] Read more »

Those clever folks at SBSH are always busy producing good programs for Windows Mobile smartphones and they have just released a public beta for a new product, SBSH Clock.  Clock is a cool looking app that displays multiple time zones and makes working with them very […] Read more »

I don’t do a lot of web surfing on my BlackBerry but when I do find the need to hop online I favor the Opera Mini beta browser over the WAP browser that is preinstalled on the RIM.  I am always on the lookout for good […] Read more »

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