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Yesterday began like many other days in the Manor, early to rise with some light feed checking and blogging.  Early commute to Big Oil Co. and hard at work by 6:30.  Busy day and then off to the coffee shop by early afternoon to make an […] Read more »

You may remember my problems with the beta Vista SP1 on the Fujitsu P1610 which had me rolling back to XP.  I’ve been using the Fuji for a week with XP and I figured it was time to give an update over how that has been […] Read more »

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Yahoo! has improved its mobile search, OneSearch, to now include pertinent items from Yahoo Answers and Wikipedia in search results.  I am not familiar with Yahoo Answers but including Wikipedia in results can only be a good thing.  Yahoo also has added the ability to search […] Read more »

Verizon created quite a buzz earlier this week when they announced the imminent release of four new phones on their network to take place this year.  The next version of the BlackBerry Pearl was announced along with the Juke, Venus and the phone that caught everyone’s […] Read more »

HP has the undeniable honor of having produced the best Tablet PC I have ever used, the tc1100.  That hybrid Tablet PC is to this day the most innovative mobile PC that has ever been produced.  All of the subsequent Tablets that HP has produced have […] Read more »

Good friend Arne Hess of the::unwired got some brief hands-on time with the most buzz generating UMPC, the HTC Shift.  He’s posted some photos and impressions of using the keyboard on the Shift.  He only played with it a short while so what kind of impression […] Read more »

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It seems that speaker/ USB hub combos are becoming all the rage and this offering from Pyramat looks to cash in on that.  The Lap Blaster (sounds painful) is a USB hub/ dock/ speaker system that you pop your notebook on and get better audio.  At […] Read more »

You may remember when I was a guest on the TechByte radio showhere in Houston.  The show is a 2 hour weekly show that is largelycomprised of callerswith questions about anything to do with computers, from Linux to Macs.Of course Windows questions are accepted too.  :)  […] Read more »

It finally arrived this morning and I shot a brief video of the unboxing experience.  The HP 2710p Tablet PC is so thin and light, something you’ll really appreciate on this video.  I also give you a brief look at the ultra-slim battery and the ultra-slim […] Read more »

I was very fortunate to be one of the first people in the US to get my hands on a FlipStart and one of the only complaints I had about the little clamshell was how expensive it was.  The people who produce the FlipStart agree and […] Read more »

I love speech recognition and the boost in productivity it can provide in appropriate circumstances.  The two biggest programs in the genre are certainly Dragon Naturally Speaking and ViaVoice.  There’s another option for mobile workers and that’s a couple of handheld digital recorders that come bundles […] Read more »

If you aren’t in the beta program for Vista SP1, and you might not be missing much if not, word comes out today that Microsoft has released four patches for the regular Vista install.  Each of these patches is designed to address some of the major […] Read more »

Vista doesn’t work well on UMPCs and other mobile PCs as they are shipping today.  I’m not the only one who’s been ranting on this lately, you don’t have to look far to find consumers who are not happy with the current situation in the mobile […] Read more »

In what can only be a very smart move on their part Nokia has announced today their purchase of mapping giant NavTEQ.  Even if you don’t know who NavTEQ is you probably are using their maps as they are used by Yahoo!, Google, Garmin and TomTom […] Read more »

The mess that Vista SP1 made of Miyagi, my Fujitsu P1610, just got worse and worse.  I was getting a BSOD every 10 minutes or so and Miyagi was totally unusable as a result.  It was evident I was going to have to rebuild the Fuji […] Read more »

The estimated shipping date of the HP 2710p Tablet PC was today but i received an email from HP today saying that the order might be delayed.  A quick call to HP confirmed that they are now showing they won’t receive any 2710p’s until 10/3 next […] Read more »

The Asus R2H UMPC has always been one of the most full-featured UMPCs out their even though its horsepower wasn’t that great.  It was one of the first UMPCs with integrated GPS and the innovative design has always been a hit.  Asus announced the refresh of […] Read more »

I finally got out of the house and am now happily embedded in a chair at my local Starbucks doing some work and blogging.  As soon as I set up here and turned on my Bluetooth mouse it was quickly apparent that the batteries are getting […] Read more »

The FedEx guy just dropped off the package from HP and sure enough it contained the docking station, er, the expansion base, for the HP 2710p Tablet PC I am so impatiently patiently waiting for.  The reason for this post is to point out that unlike […] Read more »

OK, I haven’t used Vista SP1 very long, I’m the first who will admit that.  But this afternoon while browsing the web, with nothing else running, I got my first BSOD using Vista on the Fujitsu P1610.  The BSOD caused a reboot of course and upon […] Read more »

I told you recently that Apple has my bet for producing a real handheld computer that can break into the mainstream and help me get my work done in a form that simply works.  I discussed that my view of Apple and their ability to control […] Read more »

Like people the world over I have bitten off perhaps more than I can chew and installed the recently released SP1 for Vista.  I installed it on the Fujitsu P1610 because as a device with limited resources it suffers from some of the performance problems that […] Read more »

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