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Got a few minutes before my meeting starts so I’m sitting in the lobby using my Tablet PC to check email, RSS feeds and to blog. This is the major thing that Vista does very well so kudos to the folks at Microsoft for a great […] Read more »

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A very cool thing happened last week that I haven’t mentioned.  You’ve heard me mention in years past our local high school football team, the Cy-Fair Bobcats.  I mentioned them a lot last year as my stepson played for them and of course running back phenomenon […] Read more »

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Nokia is a company that doesn’t rest, they are always introducing super mobile phones like the N95-3 that push the envelope for such devices.  This week they have been announcing technologies that they will be leveraging on their handsets beginning next year that promise to make […] Read more »

The hoopla must have gotten to me and today I ordered Leopard, Mac OS X 10.5.  It went live today and I couldn’t resist.  The cool part is that the order shows that Leopard will be delivered on Oct. 26th, not ship on that date which […] Read more »

No more agonizing about what to take to Vegas, I’m taking the P1610 for its svelte form and dependable work ethic.  You could probably tell I was going to go that way but the synchronization thing did give me pause.  What I decided to do is […] Read more »

RIM and AT&T announced today the BlackBerry 8310, more commonly known as the Curve, will be available for purchase for $199.99 with a 2 year contract.  The Curve is a GPS-enabled BlackBerry that unlike the Verizon 8830 actually lets you use the GPS.  The Curve will […] Read more »

The discussion of an ultra-portable device from Cupertino just won’t fade and is now picking up some credible backing.  Investment bank Piper Jaffray’s analysts are claiming that Apple will either build an ultra-portable MacBook in the 10 to 11-inch screen range or a device similar to […] Read more »

We first told you about Widsets back in May of this year and the folks behind it have been working hard and will be launching a revamped Widsets on October 23rd.  The revamped service will improve reliability and make it easier to get those preferred tools […] Read more »

We first starting hearing last month about a smartphone being launched by a partnership with Samsung and adio king Bang & Olufsen through a viral web site that teased more than providing any real information.  Reader Paul Shadwell let me know this morning that the web […] Read more »

I am the first to admit that I am not a typical mobile device user, after all I always have multiple devices in the rotation for review purposes.  We have always been clear at jkOnTheRun that we believe almost everyone should have a hosted Exchange Server […] Read more »

We are going on our 4th year here at jkOnTheRun and in tech blog years that’s a very long time.  While it’s great to watch the years go by and the community build up four years is nothing compared to the 7 years for a favorite […] Read more »

Beautiful day, sitting in the retreat listening to James with wireless headphones and enjoying the day.  Watching squirrels drink from the pool and cardinals run around on the ground. All while checking RSS feeds. Read more »

Today is drop-dead gorgeous in Houston, Texas.  It is 72 degrees with a cloudless blue sky and perfect convertible weather.  I am fortunate to be sitting in my local Starbucks outside on the terrace and it is the perfect day for some outside work.  I am […] Read more »

Motion Computing announced months ago that their latest slate, the LE1700, would be available in a multi-touch (active digitizer and touch digitizer) version this year.  The model would use Motion’s WriteTouch technology and would allow the use of a pen with the active digitizer like most […] Read more »

MacBook owners have been dealing with broken adapter wires for quite some time and Apple is now redesigning them to prevent the wires from breaking.  They have pulled the adapters from their online store and have halted shipments to resellers while they ready the new adapters […] Read more »

We all love Google.  The search, the maps, the betas, and the Reader.  Why do we love Google so much?  Why are they the good empire that loves us as much as we love them?  Here’s an example:  yesterday the F11 key stopped toggling full screen […] Read more »

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