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The Tablet PC quietly turned 5 years old recently, at least I don’t believe I saw anything from Microsoft celebrating it.  Sierra Modro of GottaBeMobile has penned a great history of the Tablet PC that covers it from day one to taking a look at what […] Read more »

We saw a lot of different things creating buzz in the mobile tech world this past week.  Here’s our rundown of what we thought was important to follow: Apple Leopard happiness/ unhappiness was all over the web this past week.  You either love it or not […] Read more »

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This morning started like it was going to be a fine Friday, until I tried to connect to my hosted Exchange Server (ES) via Outlook 2007.  There was an obvious problem with the login as Outlook couldn’t connect to the server.  This meant I couldn’t get […] Read more »

Digital pens are nothing new but the just announced Blackberry Digital Pen is the first to be endorsed by RIM and offered in Canada.  The Digital Pen lets you ink notes, email and other documents using the pen with special paper and by simply pushing a […] Read more »

I am a heavy user of Bluetooth headsets with my cell phones and always looking out for the latest and greatest, lightest and most comfortable, all of that coupled with the fullest features.  I have been evaluating the Cardo S-800 headset for a few weeks and […] Read more »

Nokia informed me of a new initiative on their part that offers to open up their E-series and N-series phones to the internets in an innovative way.  The Finnish handset maker has a deal with WiFi king Boingo to allow said Nokia phones to easily jump […] Read more »

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On a recent episode the two MobileTechRounders (Kevin Tofel and Matt Miller) and I had an unplanned discussion about the dearth of slate UMPCs being produced currently and that discussion touched a nerve with some bloggers (Warner Crocker) involved in the mobile tech scene.  That’s understandable […] Read more »

Kevin is sitting at home constantly hitting the reload button on the tracking page for his Asus EEE PC but while he’s doing that some are lucky enough to have already received theirs.  Mobile diva Tnkgrl has received hers and posted a bunch of unboxing photos […] Read more »

UMPCs are now offered in a wide variety of sizes, from 4 inch screens to the "standard" 7 inch screens that originally defined the category.  I have been asked why I didn’t recommend UMPCs for any of the user profiles I defined and quite frankly this […] Read more »

We’ve told you about Acorn Studiosbefore and the way they make cool stuff from recycled computer parts.The holidays are approaching and it’s time to remind you not tooverlook their unique wares for that geek in your life.  Look at this: What a cool business card holder!  […] Read more »

I haven’t only been using mobile devices since they weighed 30 pounds, I have been covering them for just about as long.  I have interacted with thousands of mobile users about their work styles and helping determine what device might work for the individual.  The mobile […] Read more »

We don’t write about purely personal things very often on jkOnTheRun because that’s not what you come here for.  Some things are important enough to break that rule, and since family is very important to me I am doing so here.  Today would have been my […] Read more »

Kevin may be mad at me since he jumped off the deep end and ordered his Asus EEE for $399 from NewEgg.   I visited this morning and they are running a front page ad that lists an "Acer Laptop" for $348.  That’s really cheap even […] Read more »

We first covered the new music phone from Verizon, the Juke, a few weeks back when we got a first look at several new phones coming from Verizon.  One of them has just been released and we unexpectedly got our hands on the new Juke for […] Read more »

The Homeland Security program we mentioned earlier today has been confirmed by Tabletkiosk to indeed be using their Slate PCs for the Critical Infrastructure Inspection Management System that was developed by the MD state police along with John Hopkins University’s Applied Physics Laboratory and the department […] Read more »

SMS media deliverer 4INFO has been around for a few years and runs ad-supported SMS systems that are free to end-users.  A deal has just been announced that GE/NBC Universal have not only selected 4INFO for their exclusive mobile delivery partner but have invested in the […] Read more »

There are three things certain in life, death, taxes and there will always be coffee in Starbucks. At least until today. I stopped earlier in my local SBUX and ordered my usual caffeinated beverage and the barista started frothing the milk. She stopped mid-steam and said […] Read more »

Touch screen devices are nothing new but since the debut of the iPhone, actually even before it launched, OEMs have been adding advanced touch capabilities to their devices.  One of the first touch phones to appear was the HTC Touch, a Windows Mobile smartphone that added […] Read more »

One reason that big corporations give for being slow to adopt mobile devices for employees is the ease of losing the device.  I always thought they were just using that as a cop-out for adopting new technology but this statement on InformationWeek just blew me away: […] Read more »

We are always covering how people use their wireless technology on jkOnTheRun and we have an opportunity for you to help a student working on his Masters degree in Communications Technology.  John Spinks of Strayer University is doing research for his final project that looks at […] Read more »

The surprise contest that evolved out of the funny video of Kevin unboxing a Leopard was a fun one and we got a lot of good entries.  The correct answer to the question that asked "what is the prize?" is of course a full boxed version […] Read more »

This morning the unthinkable has happened: All other sites work but Google can’t be accessed. The Internet may collapse! UPDATE: it’s back! This was very strange as I was unable to access google for 30 minutes! It made me realize how dependent I have become on […] Read more »

Kevin wasn’t the only one who upgraded his MacBook to Leopard last Friday, I bit the big one and upgraded my 17" MacBook Pro too.  The upgrade went very easily, I skipped the initial DVD check and the upgrade took about an hour.  On first blush […] Read more »

The iPhone showed us the potential for touch interfaces on mobile devices and Windows Mobile developers have been paying attention.  This video gives a brief look at two of the best so far, Vito Technology’s FunContacts and Spb Software’s Pocket Plus 4.  FunContacts is a good […] Read more »

As promised to those who pre-ordered Leopard from Apple it is on its way with a guaranteed delivery date of today: I am looking forward to the upgrade to see what the new UI is all about.  One thing is clear from all the early reviews […] Read more »

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