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I don’t work in my car but I know quite a few people who do and I am pretty sure they could use a good solution to make handling a laptop easier in their ride.  I recently heard from a company who is going to release […] Read more »

The "typical day" posts we do here are always very popular and recently a friend of ours, Michael Connick, posted one of his own that details how he used all his gear over a given day.  Michael is currently using a Kohjinsha SH6 UMPC and a […] Read more »

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I am quite happy with the ultra-slim extra battery for the HP 2710p that provides me an additional 5 hours of battery life when I need it but for devices I’ve used in the past without that option I have gotten good use out of an […] Read more »

I love me some EV-DO in the morning and my Verizon v740 ExpressCard modem made by Qualcomm has served me well.  Note being a company content to have only one vendor Verizon has announced the availability of another ExpressCard modem by Kyocera.  The KPC680 is Rev. […] Read more »

Camtasia Studio has long been one of the greatest screen capturing programs around and the newest version 5 is simply awesome.  TechSmith, makers of Camtasia, realize that some folks don’t need the latest bells and whistles and have made version 3 available for free download.  You […] Read more »

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Yesterday I received an intriguing invite from OQO to a pre-launch unveiling in London of a new product on December 3rd.  OQO will also announce something they call the Anytime/ Anywhere Computing Environment.  There’s not a lot of additional information but it sounds like a totally […] Read more »

The Thanksgiving family gathering yesterday was great and one I look forward to each year.  It’s great to sit with the family who gathers together far too seldom and have a nice day together.  This year was different in a gadgety way and I am still […] Read more »

Kevin started it and it gave me a good think about the mobile tech I’d be thankful for.  It’s a pretty short list but here it is for your reading pleasure: An iPod Touch with a 5 inch screen.  Fully ink aware and with good productivity […] Read more »

It’s that special time of the year for spending time with friends and family once again. Kevin and I wish all of our readers in the US a very Happy Thanksgiving!   For those of you outside the US have a great day too!  Read more »

I now have updated my Verizon Blackberry 8830 with the update that hopefully enables the GPS that Verizon so thoughtfully disabled originally and can offer some first-hand information about the update.  FIrst off, the update procedure, one normally rock solid with Blackberries, hung up toward the […] Read more »

The Amazon Kindle is not particularly new as there have been dedicated ebook readers for years.  What Amazon brings to the table is a huge marketing system that can possibly set the ebook market on fire.  My Kindle arrived today and I shot a 20+ minute […] Read more »

A birdie told me that Verizon had quietly released a firmware upgrade for the Blackberry 8830 in the last two days that reportedly unlocks the GPS that I have been so vocal about.  The upgrade is over 88 MB big and I haven’t had time to […] Read more »

I know, everybody’s talking about the Amazon Kindle and how it’s either going to revolutionize the ebook business or prove without a doubt that the business is not viable.  That is a worthy discussion but there are five reasons why I bought one so for all […] Read more »

You’re no doubt sick of hearing about Kindle news today so I’m happy to save you from some more of that.  I did just receive this via email a few minutes ago.  Yep, a Kindle is on its way to Mobile Tech Manor for sharing with […] Read more »

One thing we practice at jkOnTheRun is complete objectivity when we talk about different hardware and software.  Our goal is a simple one, we want to provide our readers with an unbiased and accurate picture of whatever we happen to be covering so our readers can […] Read more »

So I’m rocking this afternoon with the iPod Touch and a knock on the door of Mobile Tech Manor brings more gadgety joy to the scene.  You can’t get one until next week but Verizon was good enough to get their new Voyager in my hands […] Read more »

Evernote is a great note-taking application that is full featured and very good on a Tablet PC.  The full version of the program is available today only for free from Giveaway of the Day so you’d better get cracking if you want it free. Thanks to […] Read more »

PhatNotes has long been the premiere note-taking application for the Windows Mobile platform but users have lamented the inability to sync all of those cool notes back to Outlook on the desktop in PhatNotes 5. Earlier versions of PhatNotes would sync with Outlook but the company […] Read more »

You probably saw the great video review of the Asus EEE PC that 10-year old Tyler and Kevin did.  Tyler is a natural reviewer and when I watched it I couldn’t help thinking that he will follow in Dad’s footsteps.  Mobile Magazine thinks so too and […] Read more »

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