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Nexus One

Apple may be selling millions of iPhones but there’s no denying Android is a hot platform with 160,000 phones activated daily. Carriers are bringing high-end Android smartphones to the market, and this comparison of the top six should make that purchase decision a little easier. Read more »

Upcoming Events

The long-awaited Flash Player 10.1 was released this week for the Android platform. In announcing the release, Adobe named the phones expected to get updated to Android 2.2, info that was previously unconfirmed. Meanwhile, Toshiba let the first smartbook running Android onto the market. Read more »

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On iPhone launch day, it is appropriate to give some thought to what makes a mobile device successful in the mainstream market. The person on the street rarely pays attention to the technical aspects of a device, and they are the real target you must reach. Read more »


Boingo is a service that can be indispensable for those who have a mobile lifestyle. I frequently work mobile, so the $10/monthly fee is money well spent. A recent trip demonstrated an alternate method to connect to the web, and that has me considering dropping Boingo. Read more »


Palm has been floundering for a while and the hope from enthusiasts is that HP will leverage its vast resources to launch the webOS platform into a new beginning. Those in the right position will find ripe opportunities with the new webOS, and it’s about time. Read more »


Like most who try the iPad, this guy admits he mistakenly thought typing on the virtual keyboard would not be good. This is the only iPad I’ve seen in use at the conference today. Of course, I’ve only seen two other Macs at this techie conference. Read more »

Statistics released this week show the Droid to be the most used Android phone on the web, by a significant margin. The same numbers show the EVO 4G, only out for a few days, has nearly pulled even with the Google Nexus One in web usage. Read more »

Kobo Android

Kobo has set out to be a major player in the e-book world, with an electronic reader, apps for major platforms and deals with major booksellers. Today Kobo has launched the reader app for Android, making Kobo content available on more platforms than the competition. Read more »

Droid X thumb

Motorola and Verizon are basking in the popularity of the original Droid, although they wish they could build them faster. Recent phones in the Droid line have been produced by HTC; it’s a return to the Motorola roots with the Droid X to be announced shortly. Read more »

Sony Share My Connection

Sony has not missed the popularity of the MiFi and is adding the capability to its VAIO Y and Z series of laptops. Dubbed “Share My Connection” by Sony, the feature will be available on June 20 on select VAIO Y and Z notebooks. Read more »


The world seems consumed with 3D, with talk of 3D TVs and computers all over the news lately. Computer maker Lenovo is paying attention to this and introduced its first 3D notebook — the IdeaPad Y560d. The 15 inch notebook can play 3D games and movies. Read more »

XPERIA X8 wide

Sony Ericsson is not sitting back on its XPERIA phone line and watching the Android parade go by. The firm unleashed a new member of the line, the X8, and promises upgrades to Android 2.1 for all XPERIA X10 phones this year. Android keeps rolling on. Read more »


The App Store is growing steadily, with over 10,000 apps now available. My top 5 apps for the iPad change regularly, but no matter which apps are on the list at any given time they add a lot of value to my usage of the iPad. Read more »

Android phones are flying off the shelves, with both Motorola and Verizon — maker of the Droid and carrier for the Incredible, respectively — claiming that supply can’t keep up with demand. HTC EVO 4G owners can get all-day battery life with some simple steps. Read more »

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