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Microsoft is scrambling to get Windows Phone 7 ready for its fall launch. The company is sending out preview phones to developers and the press to get feedback. Reaction to WP7 is mostly positive, and its worth rounding up the major points from these previews. Read more »

JK iPad

This lazy morning has me thinking about the gadgets I use, and the apps that make them zing. Putting the usefulness of the iPad aside, the apps I use play a big role in the utility it gives me. Here are my five favorite iPad apps. Read more »

iPhone 4

I have followed everything about the iPhone situation closely, and the message I got from Jobs yesterday matches what I have said for years. It doesn’t matter what the techerati says about a given technology or gadget. Ultimately the only opinion that matters is the consumer’s. Read more »

Upcoming Events

The Nexus One is the only phone Google has sold directly to consumers, but not for long. It will be missed, but with great phones like the Droid X on the scene the timing is right. App Inventor brings DIY apps to any Android phone. Read more »


A new study by In-stat finds that over 2 billion mobile devices will have broadband capability by 2014. The inclusion of modems capable of data transmission could turn us all into personal hotspots and eliminate the need for other types of mobile devices to have integrated modems. Read more »

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Zendesk Twitter

Twitter is one of those services that you wonder how you did without it once you discover it. Online help desk company Zendesk is putting Twitter to work for customers in a unique way to augment the services for its customers; just tweet for customer support. Read more »


The app store has provided a good outlet to get developers products to market, one that is faster than other methods. The problem: the bigger the app store, and thus the biggest potential market, the more difficult for an app to get noticed by the buying public. Read more »


The tablet space continues to heat up with Microsoft stating tablets are on track for this year. The folks behind Evernote have released ritePen 4.0 in anticipation of these tablets. This program brings finger handwriting and touch control to any Windows 7 touch system. Read more »

BB 6

RIM hopes to make its phones more competitive with the upcoming BlackBerry 6 version of the OS, which is a significant upgrade to the existing platform. RIM is excited about BlackBerry 6, and has put a video demonstration of its features to get BlackBerry fans talking. Read more »

The adoption of Android phones continues to grow at a rapid pace, which spells big business for the phone makers. HTC is the largest of those, and its recent financial results showed big gains as a result. Developers are choosing Android over others in big numbers. Read more »

Coveroo iPad case

San Francisco-based Coveroo secured a round of Series B funding for $2.3 million today. Coveroo produces personalized covers for smartphones and the iPad through licensing deals with organizations like the NCAA, MLB and movie producers. Personal artwork can be used for custom cases which is unique. Read more »

iPad Web

The iPad was expected to be a game changer, so Yahoo! started tracking visits by early adopters. Now that the iPad has been out for a while –and available outside the U.S. — the company made an analysis of those visiting Yahoo! sites using the iPad. Read more »

Lonely Planet featured

Summer is here and thoughts turn to vacations, traveling and leisure activities. It’s a time for heading to the beach or across the globe to experience new places. The iPad is an apt companion for all sorts of summer activities, if the right apps come along. Read more »

Handcent SMS

Android smartphones are good examples of the phone as a mobile computer, and the increasing number of apps in the Android Market play a factor in that role. If daily productivity is the goal, these five apps are worth checking out. PIM lovers don’t miss Jorte. Read more »

Kindle 1

Amazon applied for a patent four years ago when work was underway on the device that would eventually be known as the Kindle. The patent was awarded today, which points out how a slow patent process is unsuited for the fast-paced world of electronics. Read more »


The smartphone platform wars are in full swing, with newcomer Android grabbing market share from long-time platforms Symbian and Windows Mobile. Developers need to get making money as quickly, and speed to market plays a big role in adopting a smartphone platform for app creation. Read more »

Details about Gingerbread are appearing on the web and it sounds like Google is trying to stem the fragmentation caused by having so many versions in the market. Kindle for Android was released this week, and a video look at the hot EVO 4G was published. Read more »

EVO 4G Review featured

Consumers love free apps, but none as much as those toting Android phones, according to new data from Distimo. Approximately 25 percent of apps downloaded were free apps across all smartphone platforms with the exception of Android — as 57 percent of those apps were free. Read more »

Ten One Inking

iPad owners find lots of different uses for the device except one. It is only natural to take a pen to a slate device, but it doesn’t work very well. A concept by Ten One Design that adds pressure sensitivity to the iPad may change that. Read more »


The HTC EVO 4G is my new smartphone and so far it is great. This short video gives a walk around the EVO to show what it packs, and demonstrates how fluidly the Snapdragon processor keeps things moving. An AMOLED display makes a cameo appearance. Read more »


Om told us Kin sales were bad, but having only entered the retail channel a few weeks ago it is still surprising that Microsoft is killing the Kin. The phones are still at Verizon, but Microsoft is killing the European launch scheduled for this fall. Read more »

Gingerbread Man side

Android 2.2 is just rolling out to the Nexus One, yet talk of the next version is already ramping up. A Russian podcast shared details about Android 3.0, dubbed Gingerbread, and it looks like Google may be moving to take more control over the platform. Read more »

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