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Owners of phones running the Android platform have a lot of options for keyboard apps, as developers have stepped up to the plate and produced good alternatives to the keyboard apps shipping on the phones. Here are the top five keyboard apps for the Android platform. Read more »

MTM Large 100th

Over the course of these 100 columns, Mobile Tech Manor (my home office) is much the same, but there’s no doubt I have changed over that time. Looking through the past columns gives a peek at how far mobile tech has come in a short time. Read more »

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Mobile web

Mobile Internet usage in China has surpassed that of the U.S., according to numbers released today by Nielsen. The Chinese have embraced mobile phones in huge numbers (755 million), and this fuels heavy mobile web usage. There are significant lessons to be learned in China. Read more »

Clear iSpot

Clear has launched a mobile hotspot for iOS devices, aptly named iSpot, that is roughly the size of a mouse, that shares connections on the Clear 4G (WiMAX) network with up to five devices using Wi-Fi. It will only work with iOS-based gadgets, like the iPad. Read more »

EVO featured

Sprint has begun rolling out the Android 2.2 (Froyo) update as promised to owners of the EVO 4G. To maintain good update server speeds, the update will be released in phases, and will appear when available. Manual updating can be done in the phone’s settings. Read more »

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Damaka EVO

Enterprise collaboration specialist Damaka will release a version of its universal collaboration suite for the EVO 4G smartphone this week. This will be the first solution proving multi-party video calling on the EVO. The Damaka collaboration suite covers audio, video, IM and session sharing functions. Read more »

Stories this week: Sprint will be the first carrier to offer the Android 2.2 update to owners of the EVO 4G beginning next week. A list of top widgets will extend the utility of your Android phone. The Sprint store goes live in the Android Market. Read more »


Sprint will roll out the Android 2.2 (Froyo) update in waves beginning Aug. 3, and it should be available to all EVO owners by the middle of August. Froyo brings faster performance, the ability to install apps on external memory, and voice dialing over Bluetooth. Read more »

iZen Garden 2

The iPad is good at many things, and having fun with it is one of them. We’re such a busy, task-oriented society that sometimes you need to let your hair down and have a little fun. Here are five good apps to help you do that. Read more »

EVO home screens

One of the best design choices Google made for Android is to allow widgets on the home screen. The Android Market is full of widgets, and these are the top 5 free ones I’ve encountered. Note that widgets appear often so this only reflects current ones. Read more »


Microsoft is gearing up for the launch of its new mobile platform, Windows Phone 7. The appearance of WP7 to the failed Kin OS is similar, so there is a concern the recent failure will have a negative impact on the new platform launching soon. Read more »


The Android version of LogMeIn Ignition has only been available for a short time and I have been giving it a spin to see how it compares to the iPhone version. This review makes it clear that Android is a good platform for those needing LogMeIn. Read more »

Carrier stores

Verizon has used a special “aisle” of the Android Market, dubbed VCast Apps, to provide apps to access the carrier’s VCast services for a while. Sprint has a new store that just appeared on the EVO 4G. The Sprint aisle currently contains no Sprint apps. Read more »

Blogshelf bookshelf

If you’re like me, in addition to tracking lots of RSS feeds, there are a few go-to blogs that you like to read everything they publish. Unfortunately RSS feed readers can let them get lost in the crowd, but Blogshelf for the iPad handles them nicely. Read more »

Nexus One

HTC, maker of many Android phones, has seen top phones like the Incredible failing to meet demand due to a shortage of AMOLED screens. The company announced today it will be switching to Sony’s Super LCD (SLCD) displays in future phones, including the Nexus One. Read more »

ABC News iPad

The iPad kicked off a new vehicle for media consumption, and it is getting more commonplace as tablets rise in popularity. Publications can best leverage this information vehicle through tight focus on specific topics. This could be best served by making an app for that. Read more »

The Nook reader was released for Android, bringing Barnes & Noble e-books to the platform. Budding Android app programmers can build home-brew apps simply using drag-and-drop methods in the newly released App Inventor. The top 5 Twitter apps for Android will get you tweeting with style. Read more »

eReader iPad

Customers of have been waiting for a version of the eReader program to hit the iPad. That wait is over as Barnes & Noble released eReader Pro for the iPad last night. Users of eReader on other platforms will feel right at home. Read more »


Portable scanners can be the perfect tool for those mobile workers looking to go paperless. The 10.9-ounce Doxie scanner is as small as these devices can be, and it can now scan documents directly into iBooks for the iPhone and iPad on the fly. Read more »


The quest for the Twitter app that has no shortcomings, or the one that has a special feature is never-ending. There is no shortage of Twitter apps in the Android Market. I’ve tried many of them, and these are my top 5 Android Twitter apps. Read more »

PI Week View

Pocket Informant has finally come to the iPad in the form of Pocket Informant HD. Pocket Informant brings integrated calendaring and task management to the big touchscreen. More importantly, it brings background syncing with desktop clients (Windows and Mac) and the cloud. Exchange syncing is planned. Read more »

Kevin Goes to Washington

It’s always fun (if a little bit stalker) to follow someone on Foursquare, and even better to see where they’ve been. Using a method shared by Fred Wilson, Kevin Tofel was able to use Foursquare and Google Maps to generate an overview of a recent trip. Read more »


The iPad screen is good for Twitter due to its size and the ability to rotate it to landscape orientation. I have a weakness for Twitter apps, and I’ve tried so many I lose count. Here are the current top five Twitter apps for the iPad. Read more »

Slacker BB

Subscribers to the Slacker personal radio service can now keep up with world news as ABC News is now available. The deal between ABC and Slacker goes into affect today and will provide news content taken from the day’s newscast, along with GMA and Nightline. Read more »

Kindle iPad thumb

Kindle producer Amazon is all excited because the recent price drop of the Kindle has resulted in a growth rate three times as high as before the drop. Kindle books (e-books) are now outselling the hardcover editions on Amazon by a healthy margin, too. Read more »

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