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App stores get no breaks. Once they get thousands of apps, then everyone complains that good apps are hard to find. The AppBrain web site is the result, and is a mandatory destination for Android owners. Members can share app lists making the experience very social. Read more »

Samsung EPIC 4G

Samsung has a hit with the Galaxy S series of Android smartphones, and they have one on just about every carrier. The EPIC 4G is the new phone on the Sprint network that brings a great keyboard, beautiful screen and 4G connectivity to the consumer. Read more »

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Navigation service TeleNav has introduced the OnMyWay app today for the iPhone and Android platforms. OnMyWay sends email alerts notifying folks when you are getting close to arriving for a meeting. More importantly, the app will automatically send alerts when you are running late. Read more »


Once upon a time, we didn’t have gadgets surrounding us all the time. Do you remember that? You might, but perhaps only vaguely if research reported by the New York Times is true. Researchers have determined that we need downtime to turn experiences into memories. Read more »

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photo: Courtesy of Amazon

Amazon is feeling good about the latest Kindle, with sales in the first four weeks topping all products sold by the retailer. The new Kindle has outsold every past model in the first four weeks of sales, and continues the 2-year streak as Amazon’s top product. Read more »

Android smackdown featured

Our coverage of Android smartphones continues with a head-to-head look at three of the top phones currently available: Motorola Droid 2, Samsung EPIC 4G and the HTC EVO 4G. These phones are superphones that clearly showcase the capabilities that Android brings to the smartphone space. Read more »

WeFi hotspots

Smartphones didn’t always have Wi-Fi but it is now the norm. Fifty percent of Android devices consume more than 500 MB of data monthly through Wi-Fi hotspots, much more than 3G data usage. That’s a lot of data on phones, superphones or not. Read more »

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Digital cameras and camcorders will drive the adoption of SuperSpeed USB faster than any other segment, according to market research firm In-stat. SuperSpeed USB, a faster bus implemented in USB 3.0, provides a high-speed transfer mode reaching 5 Gbit/seconds, perfect for transferring HD video to computers. Read more »

Android turns a smartphone into a superphone, as a user’s 24-hour chronicle details. The phone replaced a number of consumer devices, such as an e-reader and a mobile hotspot. Five widgets are reviewed that made that possible. The Nexus One is not dead, it’s on back-order. Read more »

Inkling notes

Startup Inkling is bringing interactive college textbooks to the iPad, having secured Series A financing for the venture. The textbooks take advantage of the strengths of the iPad, with augmented graphics and video in the content, while allowing note sharing in real-time among students. Read more »

Nexus One

Google has sold out of its “substantial initial inventory” of the Nexus One set aside to sell to developers. HTC, the maker of the Nexus One, will have more units for Google as soon as possible. The AMOLED shortage will affect when additional inventory is available. Read more »


RIM has opened the figurative doors on the newest version of the BlackBerry App World. This app store has been in beta for a while, and it brings the RIM online market more inline with the competition. Easier navigation and cheaper apps are now available. Read more »

JK Home screen featured

I have been investigating Android widgets for quite some time, with the goal to make my HTC EVO more personal and to better fit my needs. I have settled on five widgets that turn my EVO into a smartphone that better reflects the way I work. Read more »

Google Tablet

The Nexus One smartphone was produced through a collaboration with Google and HTC to jump-start the fledgling Android platform. This effort was a success, and there are three reasons Google should repeat the Nexus One process in the tablet space with both Android and Chrome OS. Read more »

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When we think of the mobile web, we naturally think of smartphones, but new statistics from Millennial Media show advertisers better not overlook other devices. Just over half of all mobile ads served were dished out to non-smartphone devices, including the iPod Touch and iPad. Read more »

Skype BREW

Verizon has announced an expansion of its alliance putting Skype on its smartphones. The new Skype client will work on Verizon feature phones running the BREW platform, including phones from LG and Samsung. This greatly broadens the audience for Skype on mobile phones. Read more »

WP7 thumb

Microsoft is getting Windows Phone 7 ready for release for the holiday season, and is making good on promises to bring Xbox Live integration to the smartphone platform. Xbox Live players will find quite a few games on Windows Phone 7 at launch, including popular titles. Read more »


The smartphone of today has become a powerhouse that fits in a pocket. That is why some even refer to them as “superphones”, which is very appropriate. To demonstrate how useful the smartphone has become, I present this mini-chronicle of a typical day with my smartphone. Read more »

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An early beta version of TweetDeck was released for Android that adds a special feature not found on other platforms. The Dell Streak was launched on the AT&T network in the U.S. Google introduced Voice Actions and ChromeToPhone to make Android phones greater tools for users. Read more »


The top Android phone is still the original Droid on the Verizon network. The hot platform is definitely Android, and that is due to the number of hot phones are on the market. A real-time tracker paints a good picture of how Android phones compare. Read more »


A primary goal for the GigaOM family is to provide the best experience for visitors, and that means keeping the sites performing as well as possible. We have rolled out site changes to make things better, and easier to find. It happens to look nice, too. Read more »


Plastic Logic has been talking about its Que e-Reader for almost two years, but no more. The company has officially killed the Que, even though it has never shipped a single unit. The Que was supposed to be the Cadillac of readers, aimed at business users. Read more »

Kobo eReader

Bookseller Kobo has entered into an agreement with Fairmont Hotels to provide loaner eReaders to guests of its Fairmont Gold properties. Guests can pick up a Kobo eReader loaded with bestsellers from Random House to read for the duration of their stay at the hotel. Read more »

Dell Streak

Dell will start selling the 5-inch Dell Streak on August 12, either through partnership with AT&T for $299.99 (contract required) or $549.99 without a carrier. The Streak is an Android tablet that is thin and light while sporting a screen larger than most smartphones. Read more »

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