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Microsoft announced Windows Phone 7 handsets from nine manufacturers that will run on 60 carriers in 30 countries worldwide, including Verizon and Sprint next year in the U.S. Here’s the list of what’s launching in each country and on which carriers. Read more »

Modu jackets

Smartphone maker Modu has won the Guinness World Record for producing the lightest touch phone. The Modu T is a tiny phone that is the core of the company’s modular system. Modu phones slip into “jackets” that allow the phone to serve different purposes. Read more »

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Cold season is upon us, based on the number of GigaOM staff members currently afflicted. A search of the Android Market for an app that offers medical advice turned up the app iTriage. I’ve testing it and find it is pretty good for a free app. Read more »

Ubuntu thumb

The latest release of the free Ubuntu Linux operating system scheduled for this Sunday includes an expansion of its personal cloud service to iPhone and Android devices as well as a new netbook edition made for smaller screens. Read more »

Android video thumb

Android doesn’t offer a complete solution especially when it comes to video content. Sony is trying to correct the problem with the release of a new Crackle video app, but it only points up the need for a more comprehensive solution, something hopefully Google is working… Read more »

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gReader Pro featured

I spend a lot of time checking RSS feeds for news that affects my work. I follow thousands of websites through the feeds, and those generate many thousands of posts that need my attention. My Android app of choice to do this is gReader Pro. Read more »

Fring test call

VoIP calling fans are having a good day with the release of both Skype and FringOut for Android. Skype is available for Android 2.1+, and non-U.S. customers are not restricted to 3G calling. FringOut allows users to make cheap calls to any phone. Read more »

Kapitall Portfolio

You can do many things with your iPad, and investing is now added to that list with the release of Kapitall. The iPad app is a portal into the Kapitall website, a simple site designed to build and track investment portfolios online. Read more »


The dust has barely settled from Mobilize, but what did we learn from the event? These insights and stats, shared by the mobile thought leaders, put the industry in perspective and show how quickly it has grown over the past decade — and is still growing. Read more »


The dust has barely settled from Mobilize, but what did we learn from the event? These insights and stats, shared by the mobile tech’s thought leaders yesterday, put the industry in perspective and show how quickly it has grown over the past decade — and is still growing. Read more »

Google Phone Gallery thumb

Google is not selling phones directly to consumers since canceling the Nexus One, but it is showcasing many of the Android phones available in the U. S. through the new Google Phone Gallery. The site gathers information about the top Android phones. Read more »

HP Pre featured

HP has indicated since acquiring Palm that it will be moving forward with devices running webOS. This week, key HP executives let bits of information slip out about its plans, and it paints a good picture if you round all of them up. Read more »

Twidroyd for Android

Twitter for iPad gets attention due to the innovative way it displays multiple panes of information in landscape orientation. The latest version of Twidroyd for Android implements a similar landscape display that is a useful way to see previews of webpages linked in tweets. Read more »


RIM unveiled the BlackBerry tablet yesterday, and indicated it is aimed at the enterprise professional. Tablets make good e-readers, so RIM was showing off the Kobo e-book reader app on the new PlayBook. Amazon also announced its intention to put the Kindle app on the PlayBook. Read more »

BlackBerry PlayBook

RIM confirmed rumors of a tablet by introducing the BlackBerry PlayBook, a powerful 7-inch device that will offer a dual-core 1GHz processor, full HTML 5 browser, Flash 10.1 with video acceleration, 1 GB of RAM, 1080p playback with HDMI output and two HD cameras, all built… Read more »


Android has become popular with app developers, and with the Android Market now supporting paid apps in a dozen new countries it may become the platform of choice. Previously Google has restricted the countries where apps could be sold and customers were denied them. Read more »

Sharp Galapagos

Japanese consumer electronics giant Sharp has entered into both the e-book and Android tablet business with the announcement of the Galapagos cloud media service. Galapagos will launch initially in Japan in December, and will offer e-books, magazines and newspapers with automatic push delivery. Read more »

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New data from Appcelerator and IDC suggests that with the coming rollout of new Android tablets and the launch of Google TV, combined with the strong momentum of Android on smartphones, developers are getting closer to switching their allegiance and throwing more support behind Google’s operating… Read more »


Target will become the neighborhood electronic store with the addition of six models of the Apple iPad in stores. The models will start at $499 and will be joining the Kindle at the nation’s second largest discount chain. Target shoppers can get them at a discount. Read more »

Motr logo

Join James, Matt and Kevin live for this week’s audio podcast where they’ll cover this week’s mobile technology news and share experiences with the latest software, hardware and web services. If you missed the live show, you can grab an MP3 audio recording and listen later. Read more »


Rumors say RIM will be launching the long-rumored BlackBerry Tablet early next week. The “BlackPad” is timed to help RIM compete with the iPad and the score of Android tablets expected to hit the market in the next few months. Good timing, or pure folly? Read more »


Road warriors with a lot of disk files can now carry 1.5 terabytes of them in a shirt pocket with the newly announced Seagate Freeagent GoFlex portable disk drive. The new GoFlex incorporates the faster transfer speed of USB 3.0 to better access so much content. Read more »

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