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The healthcare segment is embracing the benefits of mobile technology, as evidenced in the new Minder device by Cambridge Consultants. The Minder uses 3G technology to allow healthcare professionals to monitor patient vital signs remotely. Remote treatment has big cost benefits over hospitalized care. Read more »

Tab v iPad

Samsung has kick-started the Android tablet space with the Galaxy Tab, the first Android tablet considered to be a genuine competitor to the iPad, due to its hardware configuration and build quality. See how it stacks up against the larger iPad in this video. Read more »

Broken phone

A website has launched that puts popular smartphones through a series of controlled stress tests to see how they fare. takes smartphones and puts some serious hurt on them, then ranks them so consumers can tell how each phone stacks up against the competition. Read more »

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Making sure elderly parents living alone are all right is now easier with the release of the Sonamba monitoring system. Sonamba is a 7-inch digital picture frame that monitors motion and sound in the surrounding area to determine if the elderly resident is in distress. Read more »

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Fuze Tab

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab is the first Android tablet considered to be a genuine competitor to the iPad, and developers are already releasing apps optimized for the 7-inch display. The Tab will soon be available on major U.S. phone carriers with integrated 3G connectivity. Read more »


The mHealth Summit is winding down in Washington, D.C., and the mobile healthcare initiative gained some financial backing as major organizations have announced donations to the cause. Three donations of $1 million will assist the mHealth Alliance in advancing mobile technology in healthcare. Read more »


Mobile hotspots, devices that share a mobile connection with other devices, will approach $500 million in revenue this year according to a report. This is a combination of the sale of mobile hotspot devices and the fees that networks charge for the service. Read more »

All notes

The folks at Evernote have rolled out version 2.0 of the Android mobile client, a major update that lets premium users keep notebooks on the phone for access without network connectivity. Premium account holders can now download notebooks to the phone for access without the web. Read more »

android thumb

Google released Instant Search for Android this week, and it works as well as on the desktop. A Galaxy S smartphone was the first to receive certification for the Wi-Fi Direct standard, making peer-to-peer connections a possibility. These Android stories and more were covered this week. Read more »

Lookator AR screen

Augmented reality is one of those technologies that has always appealed to me, but without a practical application I can use. That changed since installing Lookator for Android, a Wi-Fi hotspot detector that uses AR to show the location of the hotspots in the real world. Read more »

Timeline thumb

Twitter is perfect for the mobile platform, as it lends itself well to quick sessions on the go. A new version of the official Twitter app for Android was recently released, and we’ve been tweeting with it ever since. It has some welcome new features. Read more »


Jawbone, famous for Bluetooth phone headsets, wants to help you jam with the new Jambox wireless speaker. The portable system delivers the full audio spectrum to provide realistic sound when listening to music or playing games. The device functions as a high-quality hands-free conference call system. Read more »

LG WP7 apps

LG is teaming up with Microsoft to help kick-start Windows Phone 7 through a promotion that will provide 10 free apps every 60 days. The promotion is a move to help push the newly released WP7 in a crowded smartphone market currently dominated by Android. Read more »

Itching Thumb 1

HP’s webOS with its revolving task manager is just plain cool. Interacting with the cards that represent running apps is intuitive and fun; it’s too bad other platforms don’t use a similar method to work with tasks. Android phone owners have one available, and it’s free. Read more »


The recent appearance of the Firesheep plugin for Firefox has raised concerns over the lack of security for browsing sessions that are conducted at public hotspots, so the release of Fireshepherd to stop digital eavesdropper is welcome news. Hotspot sessions are more vulnerable than many realize. Read more »

Verizon store thumb

The FCC proved it does indeed have consumer’s backs by handing out a $25 million fine to Verizon for charging its customers spurious fees over a period of years. The fine was the result of a 10-month investigation into the carrier’s billing practices. Read more »

Angry Birds Halloween

The spooky Halloween season is upon us and to get you in the spirit, we’ve collected fun resources to deck out your phone for the occasion. These sights and sounds will haunt your smartphone and make you the life of the party. Read more »

Hellotxt Desktop

Hellotxt is a way to keep track of and interact with a boatload of social networks in one place. The hellotxt Android app launched today, and since I’ve been using it for a while thanks to the folks at hellotxt, I can share my thoughts. Read more »


The Samsung Galaxy Tab is poised to hit all of the major carriers in the U. S., and today we learned T-Mobile will have it first on Nov. 10. The carrier states the Tab will be available as low as $399.99 with a qualifying 2-year plan. Read more »

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