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There’s a shortage of small LCD screens that will likely impact production of both handheld game machines and Pocket PC devices. Sony and Nintendo are both vying for LCD screens in preparation of the rollout of their portable games machines this year. New Pocket PC devices […] Read more »

To aid in understanding the enormity of my medical ordeal I should diverge into a brief history of the events that led up to my hospitalization. I had worked in the seismic services contract industry for over twenty years, the last ten in executive management. While […] Read more »

I made my first Skype call from my Toshiba Pocket PC tonight and I have to say I’m just blown away by the technology. The call was crystal clear on my end and my friend found the same quality on his end even though I don’t […] Read more »

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One of the reasons I started this blog besides having a platform to talk about tech stuff and other things that interest, amuse, and infuriate me, was to use this opportunity to pass on things I’ve learned throughout my life. A blog is a good forum […] Read more »

With biometric fingerprint sensors becoming more commonplace than ever the security of this technology has been touted as unbeatable and very reliable. Enter Tsutomu Matsumoto, a Japanese cryptographer, who has demonstrated how easily fooled these sensors can be. Read more »

Need to sneak out of work early and don’t want the boss or co-workers to nail you? Out too late with your buds and don’t want the spouse to know when you came in? You need Optical Camouflage, a unique project in Japan that projects background […] Read more »

Almost every time I turn on the national news these days I get bombarded by some news piece decrying the ever increasing price of gasoline in the US. With unleaded gas prices topping $2/ gallon in many places the news media frenzy has gotten worse and […] Read more »

This is the coolest thing for a blog just barely a week old. The first item returned by entering the search terms above is none other than jkOnTheRun! It returns the article posted earlier this week about the EVDO rollout later this year. Read more »

“We’re sorry your 7:35 flight to Minneapolis has been cancelled.” Never good words to hear, especially from the airline that is carrying you to your daughter’s wedding and if you don’t make it on this flight you will miss the rehearsal. Not an auspicious start to […] Read more »

I have a 40 gb iPOD which is just the sweetest mobile device ever made. iPODs just work the way they’re supposed to, when they’re supposed to, and they work in the way that just makes sense. Besides my massive CD collection that I carry everywhere […] Read more »

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In Garland, a Dallas suburb, nearly three dozen people, including 27 high school students, were arrested this week after being indicted in the March 3 brawl in Garland, a Dallas suburb. Several people were injured, including one person who suffered a broken arm.These were all gang […] Read more »

BostonPocketPC is lucky to have Steven ‘fyiguy’ Hughes posting interesting articles about the Pocket PC world. He’s in the medical field and his research has come up with a neat device for visually impaired individuals who need a PDA to keep organized. The Alva MPO 5500 […] Read more »

The past couple of years the industry has been discussing “convergence” devices as the future for us all. By convergence device they are invariably referring to the marriage of the PDA and mobile phone. These devices are being touted as the way to make us all […] Read more »

Sony’s announcement this week outlining their planned May 29 release of the Vaio U70 ultra portable computer has set some tongues wagging. The device is certainly cool with it’s 1GHz Centrino architecture, 20 gb hard drive, and 512 MB of memory. The lure of carrying a […] Read more »

I was watching American Idol tonight and they ran a couple of their Vanilla Coke commercials the purpose of which go right over my head. Apparently Coke feels that a mafioso type heavy man coercing overpaid under talented music celebrities into promoting their product will make […] Read more »

I’m posting this from my PPC with my IR keyboard and using Randy’s great program Pocket SharpMT. This program lets you make and submit posts from your Pocket PC when you’re out and about. It is completely compatible with blogs using Movable Type and gives you […] Read more »

Verizon is supposed to seriously roll out their broadband wireless this year and next. The technology they use is called EvDO (evolution, data optimized) and using cellular technology will have average data rates of 300 Kbps – 600 Kbps. With burst data rates of 2.4 Mbps. […] Read more »

My main thing is mobile technology that can really be used and make me more productive no matter where I am. I work out of my car most days and have to carry a mobile office with me. Keeping in touch via email or MSN Messenger […] Read more »

Light rail had been debated in Houston for over a decade with the “discussions” getting heated at times. With the prospect of hosting the Super Bowl in 2004 light rail was approved and the first segments of the rail line opened just a few weeks before […] Read more »

All the e80x owners are patiently waiting, OK not so patiently, but no sign of the update on the horizon. The latest rumor put the arrival at the second week in May for US users and May 7 in France. Tick tock. Read more »

This Saturday my oldest daughter is getting married in South Dakota. MARRIED! I’m so happy for her but why is she doing this to me? She’s a great kid and I’m not ready to share her yet. Read more »

Welcome to jkOnTheRun, a place for me to post stuff I find interesting from anywhere I find it. I’ll try to be topical, certainly be funny, and talk about a lot of mobile tech stuff. So, sit back, kick you feet up, and stay a while. Read more »

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