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The webOS platform has lagged behind Android and others due to the lack of available apps. Palm has been working hard with app developers to get them producing apps for the platform, but a big question looms — what will happen after the merger? Read more »


There’s a firmware update for the Sprint Overdrive that addresses some common complaints. Version 2.06.06 can be downloaded and installed from the Overdrive and improves battery life and makes the modem boot faster, along with providing other fixes. The update process only takes a few minutes. Read more »

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The most impressive feature on the iPhone 4 is the Retina Display, which pushes display technology quite far. The new technology is so advanced one has to wonder if Apple will bring it to the iPad? The 9.7 inch display would be quite impressive if so. Read more »

Intel Canoe Lake thumb

This year’s Computex show was a sprawling display of mobile technology coming down the pike. Intel laid out its upcoming mobile processors, Oak Trail and Canoe Lake. One of the coolest notebooks on display at this year’s show was the Intel Canoe Lake reference design. Read more »

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Phones with video chat capability have been out in Europe for years, but getting the ability on two of the biggest smartphone platforms will expose the feature to millions who have no idea such video calls are possible. A new comprehensive report details this upcoming boom. Read more »


Today is the big keynote address from Steve Jobs at the WWDC and our sister blog TheAppleBlog will be live blogging the keynote and you can follow along in real time to get the scoop on the next iPhone. You can also follow along on Twitter. Read more »


I snagged the Sprint EVO 4G yesterday, and have been testing free apps to make the Android experience even better. Here are the top five free apps I have settled on so far. Leave your own picks in the comments; the more apps the better. Read more »

Engadget Windows Embedded Prototype

Microsoft is at the Computex show in Taipei this week touting the new embedded OS it’s producing for handheld computers. Windows Embedded Compact 7 is being shown running on prototype tablets with a flashy user interface and full multitouch support. So what is this new OS? Read more »

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Slacker lovers who have longed to cache your favorite tunes on the iPhone can jump for joy as Slacker 2.0 is now available in the App Store. The new version of Slacker removes the restriction of only listening to songs when connected to the Slacker servers. Read more »

Acer Ferrari phone

Ferrari brings one thing to mind — speed. Speed was the order of the day with the Acer Ferrari One notebook, and with different components that would have been the case with the Liquid E Ferrari Special Edition phone. It’s packing Android but not much else. Read more »

Borders Libre thumb

Bookseller Borders is now taking orders for the Libre e-book reader. The Libre uses a non-backlit display instead of the traditional e-Ink technology, which means no page flashing when turning a page. The Libre is a full-featured reader considering it is priced at a reasonable $119.99. Read more »

MeeGo Moorestown

We expected tablets to be the focus at the Computex show in Taipei and we have not been disappointed. Many computer makers are already showing prototype tablets at the show, and Intel is launching new processors to power these slates. Microsoft is now officially sucking wind. Read more »

JK iPad Desktop

My look at a typical day with the Sprint EVO 4G was well received and I started getting requests for a similar look at a day with the iPad. Not one to ignore requests, this covers a typical day with the iPad in Mobile Tech Manor. Read more »


I haven’t done a “typical day” post in a while and as I’ve been running all over the place today it seemed like a good idea. I’ve had the EVO for a day, and it’s become second nature to reach for it go get something done. Read more »


Budding authors are often only budding because it’s so difficult to get published. Apple has rolled out an opportunity that has big potential for unknown writers to get works published on a major online book outlet. The iBookstore is now open for such business. Read more »


The good folks at Sprint dropped off the EVO 4G for me to share with you. The EVO has the 4.3-inch display that is simply beautiful. It’s also packing 4G that can be shared with up to 8 devices at once over the Mobile Hotspot. Read more »


Sprint EVO 4G buyers may want to grab Fring in the Android Market when you get your phone. That front-facing camera is tailor-made for video chatting, and Fring is already out to take advantage of it. Fring brings full chat functionality to many phones currently. Read more »

eReader thumb

Barnes & Noble has released the eReader application for the iPad. The new reader application has functionality similar to the Kindle for iPad app, and can read e-books for the B&N Nook as well as from the eReader bookstore. E-books can be lent to friends. Read more »


It wasn’t that long ago that Moblin and Maemo joined forces to form the MeeGo variant of Linux for mobile devices. In a rush to release, MeeGo 1.0 for Netbooks is available as a free download for those of you who like to play with alternate OSes. Read more »

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