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In today’s world of home-based businesses, geographically dispersed business operations, outsourced services and worldwide marketing activities, scheduling meetings can become a bit of a nightmare. It’s also a world of many calendar programs (Outlook, MS Exchange, Google Calendar, LotusLive (Notes), iCal and Entourage) and diverse platforms […] Read more »

A Los Angeles Times reporter recently called me for advice about a $400 AT&T bill covering his iPhone activities while “roaming” in Vancouver, Canada, over a weekend. He wanted to know what could be done to reduce such charges while travelling outside his carrier’s home territory. […] Read more »

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For many years users had to be satisfied with using either a computer screen or data projector to display Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. A few years ago making a PDF file for a slide presentation become an Adobe Acrobat option. For Power Point 2007, Adobe developed a […] Read more »

Yesterday, Skype announced the availability of two new beta clients for mobile phones: Skype for Windows Mobile 2.5 beta and a renamed Skype for Mobile, now called Skype Lite. While the new beta version of Skype for Windows Mobile basically provides improved call quality and stability […] Read more »

Three weeks ago I provided a detailed description of Fonolo, the “Deep Dialing” service that takes you directly to where you want to go within an enterprise IVR menu. At that time Fonolo was looking for 100 new beta accounts as the final stage of a […] Read more »

You’ve got a problem with your Internet service but every time you call your Service Provider’s support line you have to branch out through their phone tree to get through to technical support via a series of voice menus that get repetitive quickly. What service are […] Read more »

Have you ever called into a business’s directory from a BlackBerry and been asked to enter the person’s last name? But BlackBerry has a QWERTY keyboard and the Automated Attendant is looking to see 2 for “A, B or C”, 3 for “D, E or F”, […] Read more »

Over the years we have seen the gradual separation of phone numbers from geographical location. To date, Skype’s SkypeIn service has been the best demonstration of this trend; even though I live and work just outside Toronto, Canada, I have a Palo Alto, Calif., SkypeIn number […] Read more »

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Six years ago, when I wanted to make a conference call involving five participants, Bell Canada wanted to charge me $0.55 per minute per participant, resulting in a $165 cost for a one hour call. All those participants had to be in North America and a […] Read more »

As a Canadian I have been in the fortunate position of having experienced a BlackBerry Bold since its launch on Rogers in late August. It’s not simply a new smartphone or “replacement” for an older BlackBerry. The Bold, finally available at AT&T, is a game changer […] Read more »

Having followed activity in the BlackBerry ecosystem over the past few weeks, I have come to the conclusion that BlackBerry Storm should be called BlackBerry Stealth. Why? With little media coverage, its forthcoming launch is the sleeper play in the smartphone market; it is poised to make major market penetration on its launch later this fall. Read more »

HiDef Conferencing is an audio conferencing service where participants can call into a voice conference via Skype, designated landline numbers or toll free numbers. Its name derives from its support of HD Voice – a feature inherent to Skype that results in crystal clear voice quality […] Read more »

Due to the nature of my work evaluating the Skype ecosystem’s software, web-based applications and a variety of smartphones, I not only have to use Outlook as a primary reference address book for synchronizing contact information but also end up constipating the registry of my Windows […] Read more »

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