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If there’s one thing the Internet isn’t lacking, it’s how-to videos.  Whether you want to get artistic with your eyeshadow or make your own stun gun, someone’s made a video showing you how.  So when budding Next New Networks channel Hungry Nation launched the series 12 […] Read more »

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The first annual Streamy Awards ceremony, held last night in Los Angeles, was a star-studded and high-energy event. (Pictured here: our iPhone paparazzi shot of Neil Patrick Harris. Update: Below are nice photos from ) As Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along Blog and The Guild were two of the […] Read more »

Creating newteevee to supplement oldteevee is a tricky thing. How do you tie your online content to your TV show in a way that engages your TV audience without having so much integral content online that non-Internet-savvy viewers feel alienated? There’s no magic formula, but one […] Read more »

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Unless you’re a big fan of Heroes character Mohinder Suresh, you probably don’t find explanations of genetics all that dramatic. On the other hand, the latest developments in genetic testing mean questions that were once mostly rhetorical — What diseases am I likely to get? What […] Read more »

Though Charlie’s Angels and Big Fish screenwriter John August’s web pilot The Remnants was beloved by fans and NTV Station alike, as of this writing August says the series is more or less dead in the water.  This week, he addressed the outpouring of positive fan response on his blog, outlining […] Read more »

It’s clear that the public has an insatiable appetite for behind-the-scenes peeks at famous people. You can’t twitch your remote finger without hitting some Celebrity RehabFitSurrealHotTub show. But we online video consumers like our celebrity mockery the way we like everything else — hard and fast. […] Read more »

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