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Here’s some of the best stories from last week, including Tesla’s latest move to boost the price per share for its IPO, Honeywell’s acquisition of Akuacom and an infographic showing Google’s green power plays over the last three years. Read more »

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International Battery, a startup that just raised $35 million in third-round financing, is taking the Field of Dreams approach that so many energy storage startups are eying these days: If you raise funds and build a factory, the customers will come. Read more »

A letter published in the journal Science and signed by 255 members of the National Academy of Sciences criticizes some politicians for “McCarthy-like threats of criminal prosecution against our colleagues on the basis of innuendo and guilt by association.” — NYT’s Dot Earth Read more »

Skyline Solar, a 3-year-old startup working on concentrating photovoltaic systems, claims today to be among the first companies to receive a patent under a pilot program for giving greentech patent applications an express lane. More than 900 applications have flooded the program. Read more »

Electric car makers, watch your language — that’s the message of a ruling today from the UK’s independent advertising regulator. The watchdog has moved to ban an ad for Renault’s Fluence Z.E. model based on misleading claims about emissions savings. Read more »

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Doling out awards ASAP under the Department of Energy’s Loan Guarantee Program has been an ongoing theme for the agency under the Obama administration. One of the next steps to speed up the process will be bringing more of it online. Read more »

“Volkswagen announced the electric Golf yesterday…but for whatever reason didn’t release a pic of the car until today. Turns out it looks just like a regular Golf.” — Wired’s Autopia Read more »

Wheego, headed up by former EarthLink President Mike McQuary, plans to start selling its first highway-capable electric car by mid-summer. Today Wheego has filed paperwork to raise $5 million in hopes of making a final dash to production. Read more »

In northeastern Louisiana, where V-Vehicle (backed by Google Ventures and led by Kleiner Perkins VC Ray Lane) aims to build low-cost gas cars with higher-than-average efficiency, local officials voted on Monday to renew support for the startup in its bid for federal funds. Read more »

Check out this video interview from our Green:Net conference with Mark Perry, Nissan North America’s director of product planning and strategy. He details who’s signing up to buy the electric LEAF and why Nissan expects to make money on it from the get-go. Read more »

BP’s oil spill could take three months to stop, costing the company at least $2 billion and possibly more than $8 billion to cover cleanup and damages. The company earned $17 billion in net income last year. — Greenwire via NYT Read more »

A decade from now, electric cars in Germany will number at least 1 million. At lease, that’s the goal established today by some of the country’s largest manufacturers and Chancellor Angela Merkel under a new alliance dubbed the National Platform for Electric Mobility. Read more »

Cheaper, longer-lasting, safer and smaller — those are the kinds of rechargeable batteries that could become available for electric cars if some of the research projects funded under the Department of Energy’s latest round of grants for high-risk, early-stage energy technologies deliver on their moonshot ambitions. Read more »

With Zipcar busy gobbling up car sharing competitors, a new generation of startups offering a peer-to-peer or distributed model of car sharing is taking shape. Here’s a snapshot of the next-gen car sharing landscape, comparing Spride Share, WhipCar and RelayRides. Read more »

Climate Bill Next in Line: “Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) has closed the door on the possibility of moving immigration reform before a comprehensive energy and climate bill.” — The Hill Read more »

After nine years in the federal review process, a controversial wind farm envisioned for Nantucket Sound has won approval from Interior Secretary Ken Salazar. If the project goes through as planned, it will be the first offshore wind farm in the country. Read more »

A pilot project for testing plug-in hybrids and smart charging tech that Toyota and EDF have been developing for years is finally ready for a large-scale demo. Starting this month about 100 plug-in versions of Toyota’s Prius will be leased in the area. Read more »

ETV Motors, an Israel-based startup backed by Quercus Trust, aims to license and sell lighter weight, higher energy density and higher efficiency enabling technologies for extended-range electric vehicles. It’s on the hunt for new funds and partners in California to get there. Read more »

Fisker, just days after closing on nearly $529 million in loans from the feds, has won approval from Delaware officials to receive a $21.5 million loan from the state. If the startup meets certain requirements the loan could convert to a grant. Read more »

Whether you’re itching to sign up for an electric vehicle field trial, hoping to buy one of the earliest plug-in models, or just want a heads-up on what models might soon be hitting U.S. roads, here’s a dozen models to have on your list. Read more »

The sale of 800,000 plug-in vehicles during by 2015 will create a slew of challenges for utilities, automakers and consumers. IT companies have a $1.5 billion opportunity to offer equipment and software that could help ease the pain of that influx. Read more »

General Electric and Nissan announced a partnership today to quantify the impact of electric vehicles on the power grid and research “smart charging,” or tech for controlling how electricity flows into vehicle batteries to minimize strain on the grid. Read more »

Here’s some of the best stories from last week, including a roundup of 25 people who ditched IT for greentech, the latest news on Fisker’s DOE loan, a look at what’s next for Zipcar after buying Streetcar, and the story behind Zensi. Read more »

The federal government and Fisker Automotive have just closed a $528.7 million loan agreement meant to help the startup launch its luxury plug-in hybrid, the Fisker Karma, and set up manufacturing in Delaware for a line of lower-cost plug-in hybrids. Read more »

V-Vehicle, the secretive auto startup backed by the venture capitalists at Kleiner Perkins, has pulled back the curtain for the first time on its future fundraising plans, stage of development and design elements of its inaugural model, which includes a plastic shell. Read more »

Four years after setting up a car sharing service in London, England, Zipcar announced today that it has acquired the UK’s largest car sharing provider, Streetcar. Now Zipcar faces some questions about how to bridge technology gaps between different models. Read more »

“Siemens Energy, a unit of German industrial giant Siemens AG (SI), said Wednesday that it has signed a $15 million contract with a unit of Hawaiian Electric Industries Inc. (HE) to build a “smart grid” system in Honolulu.” — Dow Jones Newswires Read more »

Zipcar has bought London-based car-sharing firm Streetcar in its latest bid to expand across Europe, the companies announced this morning. The acquisition, valued at about $50 million, expands the size of Zipcar’s UK fleet more than fourfold, to 1,770 vehicles. Read more »

Despite the more than $1 million in cash and prizes awarded in this year’s Rice University business plan contest, the stakes will rise in the next phase: turning a cool idea into sustainable company. Here’s seven green ideas pitched in the contest: Read more »

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