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As companies across the nascent electric vehicle market seek Chinese allies to gain a foothold in the world’s largest auto market, Indiana-based Ener1 has found itself a new dance partner: the electric vehicle division of Wanxiang, one of the largest auto parts suppliers in China. Read more »

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BYD, the China-based battery giant turned electric car developer, has just struck a deal with Germany’s Daimler to form a 50-50 joint venture focused on researching and developing an electric vehicle for the Chinese market, and launching it “as soon as possible.” Read more »

Amyris Biotechnologies has taken one more step toward the long sought goal of commercial scale next-gen biofuel production. The IPO hopeful’s latest filing with regulators shows it has collected its first revenue from a multimillion dollar federal grant awarded late last year. Read more »

Nissan chief Carlos Ghosn says “production for 2010 is already sold out” for the electric LEAF. But while reservations for the car have rolled in at breakneck pace, it’s too early to know how many will make the leap to firm orders. Read more »

Terry McAuliffe’s highest profile fundraising efforts to date have been in the political arena. But now the former Virginia gubernatorial candidate and Democratic National Committee chair, a longtime ally of the Clintons, tells the Financial Times that he hopes to raise up to $1 billion to […] Read more »

Coda Automotive, a California-based electric car startup that has partnered with Chinese battery giant Lishen, plans to apply “soon” for Department of Energy loans. If that funding and state aid comes through, then Coda to build a battery factory in Ohio. Read more »

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Expect this summer to be a busy one for Jonathan Silver, the former venture capitalist whom the Obama administration tapped to head up the Department of Energy’s highly competitive loan guarantee and green car loan program. Here’s our interview with Silver: Read more »

Bob Lutz, former vice chairman of General Motors and onetime frontman for the plug-in Chevy Volt, never seemed a likely candidate to spend his retirement laying low and playing golf. Well now we know of at least one of the projects “Maximum Bob” will be taking on: […] Read more »

The drumbeat of consolidation in the solar industry continues this morning, as silicon wafer maker and solar project developer MEMC Electronic Materials has just announced plans to acquire Solaicx, an 8-year-old maker of silicon wafers for solar cells. Read more »

In linking with Google Android for a Chevy Volt mobile application, GM has taken an important step to adapt its OnStar service to the specific needs of electric vehicle drivers. Android could eventually take on a much larger role in connected vehicles. Read more »

BrightSource Energy, a developer of utility-scale solar thermal power plants, has raised $150 million in a fourth-round of equity financing. The massive new investment announced this morning puts it in a growing group of greentech startups that have raised more than $300 million. Read more »

Bob Lutz — the GM executive who for years denied climate change, made his name with muscle cars and eventually came to champion the Chevy Volt — said GM’s struggles stemmed partly from B-school syndrome: focusing more on making money than great cars. Read more »

Coda Automotive, the startup that aims to build electric cars in China for the U.S. market, has just announced the close of a whopping $58 million Series C round of financing to help launch its first vehicle — the Coda Sedan — in California later this year. Read more »

Google and GM plan to connect the automaker’s in-vehicle communications system with phones running on Google’s Android operating system, GM announced Tuesday. It all starts with a beefed up app for the Chevy Volt that will use Google tech for location-based services. Read more »

General Motors has stepped back from the financial brink, reporting its first quarterly profit Monday since 2007. These earnings suggest progress toward the turnaround GM mapped out in financial viability plans last year, which played up a role for the Chevy Volt. Read more »

JinkoSolar Holding, a China-based solar manufacturer, priced shares for its IPO and began trading Friday at $11 apiece — the low end of the expected range. In morning trading, Jinko’s stock has dipped as low as $10.80 and hit a high of $11.23. Read more »

After much ado, Senators John Kerry and Joseph Lieberman on Wednesday unveiled their proposal for a climate and energy bill. The 987-page bill represents a jumping-off point for debate in the Senate over regulations and programs that could shape the greentech market. Read more »

Electric cars and emerging markets: That’s the name of the game for Nissan in the next fiscal year. Reporting a 42.4 billion yen profit for the year ending March 31, Nissan executives emphasized signs of recovery and commitment to greener vehicles Wednesday. Read more »

A123 Systems, the Watertown, Mass.-based battery maker that jump-started a slew of greentech IPO filings with its $371 million public offering last fall, has entered the thick of the long slog to transform an innovative, government-backed startup into a sustainable business that can compete with industry giants. […] Read more »

General Motors and The Gas Company, a natural gas and propane provider in Hawaii, plan to work together on a project testing a new scheme for delivering hydrogen to fuel cell vehicles, the two companies announced on Tuesday. Read more »

According to Beacon Power’s latest SEC fialing, the flywheel developer doesn’t expect to finalize a government-backed loan until the second quarter of this year — sign of how long the road can be between a DOE nod and money in the bank. Read more »

Norwegian electric car maker Think has just brought on $40 million in equity investment — enough, the automaker says, to become cash flow positive in 2011. But a key step en route to the company’s planned U.S. expansion remains incomplete: securing government funds. Read more »

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