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Last week when the California Energy Commission released its proposal for doling out $19 million in grants for nearly a dozen green car manufacturing projects, it became clear that sometimes the CEC just doesn’t give market viability much weight when ranking winners and losers. Read more »

While Nissan has made bold claims about the battery pack for its LEAF — that it’s broken the $400/kWh mark at a time when other automakers are shooting closer to $500-$700/kWh — Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk isn’t worried. He says the LEAF’s battery is primitive. Read more »

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Soladigm, a tight-lipped startup working on energy-saving electrochomic windows, announced plans this morning to invest $130 million setting up its first large-scale plant in Olive Branch, Miss., helped along by a $40 million government loan and $4 million in incentives. Read more »

At their genesis, bike-sharing networks were low on tech and heavy on grassroots. But the systems rolling out today for managing thousands of bicycles in cities from Milan to San Antonio are of another generation — one built upon mobile access and GPS chips. Read more »

Molycorp, a company that controls one of the largest deposits outside China of a group of metals used in many green technologies, is off to a rocky start on the public markets after raising $393.8 million in its IPO today. Read more »

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk took on the Colbert Nation last night, chatting with Stephen Colbert about living large, Tesla’s long-discussed plans for a $30,000 third-generation electric car (after the Model S), dollars and timelines for private space travel (with his other startup, SpaceX). Read more »

ViaCycle aims to take the idea of bicycles on demand, strip out the pricey infrastructure, amp up the location-based services, and deliver a system that will let universities and municipalities implement bike sharing programs with more flexibility and lower cost. Read more »

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Turning battery breakthroughs into a sustainable business means requires a team to find the “killer application” for their particular technology, and figure out who’s willing to pay for it, says Maurice Gunderson, a senior partner for CMEA Capital’s Energy and Materials group. Read more »

In the balancing act between reducing the budget deficit and giving automakers enough long-term certainty to gamble on building and launching green vehicles in the UK, the government has stayed firm in trying to cultivate the next generation of cleaner cars. Read more »

GM announced today that the plug-in Chevy Volt will have a base price of $41,000, before federal and state incentives, and an aggressive lease offer that’s competitive with Nissan’s upcoming electric LEAF. Here’s the scoop on what the ordering process will entail. Read more »

At high noon on Tuesday, General Motors plans to detail just what it will take for consumers to land an extended-range electric Chevy Volt in their garage or driveway, releasing new info on pricing and the ordering process. Read more »

Porsche has tapped a trio of Boxster sports cars to serve as the latest guinea pigs in the automaker’s experiments with electric drive. But if you’re eager to see Porsche joining Tesla Motors in the all-electric sports car market, don’t hold your breath. Read more »

Out of 12 teams remaining in the Automotive X Prize competition, only one team in the “mainstream” category has survived to the finals: a company called Edison2, with its internal combustion engine Very Light Car. Read more »

Hybrid technology is really getting its day in court. A former General Motors worker and her husband have been accused of stealing (and trying to sell to a Chinese competitor) $40 million in trade secrets related to hybrid vehicles. Read more »

Calera Corp., a startup working to capture emissions from industrial flues and recycle it into pavement and building materials, has won a $19.9 million vote of confidence in a government program for projects recycling carbon emissions in to useful projects. Read more »

“Revolutionary.” That’s how the Department of Energy describes the methods for generating fuels directly from sunlight that the agency hopes will emerge from a new project in California. An energy research “hub” just been awarded $122 million to work on the tech. Read more »

General Motors plans to roll out its OnStar smartphone app for vehicles in its 2011 Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick and GMC lineups, the automaker said today. GM has positioned the plug-in Chevy Volt as a “halo car” for showcasing this tech. Read more »

With stimulus grant and federal loan winners under the gun to meet ambitious timelines tied to their funds and a new generation of battery electric vehicles poised to launch within a matter of months, we’ve updated our U.S. battery build-out map. Read more »

Alta Devices, a secretive thin-film solar startup backed by venture firms including Kleiner Perkins, Technology Partners and Crosslink Capital, has begun to expand its staff and rack up a pile of patent applications. Read more »

Applied Materials is leaving the thin film solar equipment business and plans to focus more on crystalline silicon solar, LED lighting and other “advanced energy” technologies, the chip equipment giant announced on Wednesday. Read more »

Many of the initiatives detailed at this week’s Clean Energy Minsterial seem more like pledges to figure out how to reach green energy goals and gain access to necessary data than a definite road map with all the answers in place. Read more »

Honda Motor Co. plans to start selling a pair of plug-in vehicles in 2012, including a “mid-size to larger” plug-in hybrid and an all-electric model, the automaker’s president Tkanobu Ito said on Tuesday. Read more »

A group of 20 senators is urging the Department of Energy to open its loan guarantee program to projects meant to increase U.S. production of rare earth elements, a group of metals used in used in a variety of green technologies. Read more »

Zipcar, a Cambridge, Mass.-based startup with the country’s largest car sharing network, has scored a legal victory at home and stepped into a potential antitrust quagmire abroad, according to Zipcar’s latest filing with financial regulators ahead of its planned $75 million IPO. Read more »

Compact Power, a Michigan subsidiary of South Korea’s LG Chem, is starting to look like the player to beat in the competition to supply lithium-ion cells and battery packs for electric vehicles, having bagged deals with General Motors, Eaton and Ford. Read more »

Want to win people over to greener cars? Then skip the greenwash and tell them about the benefits straight up. That’s the message in a new set of guidelines for automakers marketing environmental claims to consumers in the UK. Read more »

The electric RAV4 — a model that Toyota Motor discontinued in 2003 after selling only about 300 units — could get a new lease on life, courtesy of the automaker’s alliance with electric car maker Tesla Motors. Read more »

How long should you expect a plug-in car battery — the most expensive part of the vehicle — to last before dwindling storage capacity or other problems leave you longing for a replacement? This question opens a hornet’s nest of vehicle emission regulations. Read more »

Khosla Ventures-backed Cello Energy, a startup run by Alabama’s former ethics chairman that has been beset by production delays and fraud allegations, ranks among companies that the EPA believes is most likely to help meet federal targets for cellulosic biofuel production in 2011. Read more »

The Obama administration has kicked off its electric car and battery offensive with a report laying out the facts and figures for its investments in advanced vehicles and batteries so far under the Recovery Act. Here’s the digit-by-digit highlights. Read more »

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