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The notion of maverick Silicon Valley automakers rising up to take down Motor City — a popular one in the early days of electric sports car startup Tesla Motors  — was never entirely accurate. Fisker Automotive, Think and others making a serious go at developing electric […] Read more »

Chu on OPEC: Energy Secretary Steven Chu said yesterday he was “pleased” that OPEC had decided against further cuts in oil production. He also urged continued focus on ending dependence on foreign oil and “investing in new clean energy sources that will put Americans to work […] Read more »

Making an entire country or U.S. state carbon neutral would “rock the world,” at least according to former President Bill Clinton. He suggested that move (along with 10 specific policy points) in a speech at the National Clean Energy Summit in Las Vegas last summer. Since […] Read more »

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Now that green jobs Advocate in Chief Van Jones has a direct line to the White House (he joined the administration this week as an adviser) and the billions of dollars allocated in the stimulus package with a promise to create millions of jobs are starting […] Read more »

Military applications for clean technology have caught our eye in the past — from mobile fuel-cell systems designed for the battlefield to the massive solar installation at Nevada’s Nellis Air Force Base. Yesterday, in a call with shareholders, energy storage company Ener1 said it, too, has […] Read more »

Oil Demand Set to Drop: Today the International Energy Agency lowered its estimate for 2009 global oil demand, saying demand will drop for two years in a row for the first time since 1982-1983. — Associated Press Feed-in Tariff Pitfalls: Feed-in tariffs have enabled Germany and […] Read more »

Going Gets Tougher for Newbies: Despite the long-term promise of clean energy, a new report from Clean Edge forecasts revenues will “remain level or decrease slightly” until global credit markets are restored and investor confidence returns, with the hardest hits being dealt to new technologies and […] Read more »

“Ideal” is not a word often associated with the U.S. auto industry these days. But the chief executive of Norway-based electric car maker Think sees potential for it to move in that direction with electric vehicles. “The U.S. is quickly overtaking Europe as an attractive market […] Read more »

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Shell, Codexis Getting Cozy: Royal Dutch Shell has taken a bigger stake in biofuel technology company Codexis, aiming to commercialize next-generation biofuels by 2013 and grabbing a second seat on the Codexis board. — VentureBeat Van Jones to Advise White House on Green Jobs: Van Jones, […] Read more »

Venture capital firms based in Israel have another dry year ahead of them. While deals between Israel’s VCs and cleantech startups picked up momentum in recent years, especially in the solar power and water-tech sectors, they’re in for a slowdown: Israeli venture capital funds are expected […] Read more »

What a tangled web the federal government has woven with the FutureGen project. Last week, we wrote about a new show of support from Energy Secretary Steven Chu for the scuttled public-private initiative to build a cleaner coal plant with experimental technology for capturing and storing […] Read more »

The Senate passed a catch-all $410 billion spending bill Tuesday that’s packed with appropriations for 12 cabinet departments and lower federal agencies. Several hefty investments for clean energy, climate science and energy efficiency made their way into the act, with multimillion-dollar increases on the way for […] Read more »

EPA Reveals Emission Reporting Plan: The U.S. EPA proposed a comprehensive system for reporting greenhouse gas emissions today. The new rule would cover some 13,000 facilities, affect automakers, fossil fuel suppliers and heavy industry and go into effect next year. — Reuters Tesla: Trust Us, It’s […] Read more »

Some six months ago, the venture capital community saw 2009′s cleantech investments as having about as many storm clouds as Sand Hill Road in July — which is to say, very few. With the economic downturn, though, the outlook has changed, as a growing portion of […] Read more »

Electric car makers and clean energy developers can’t take all the credit for a battery boom, but they have earned a nod from analysts for their potential to boost an industry already on the rise. According to new research from SBI Reports, the market for rechargeable […] Read more »

Alt-Fuel Freeway: The governors of California, Oregon and Washington are considering a plan to make Interstate 5 a “green freeway,” installing batter charging and swap stations, plus biodiesel, ethanol, hydrogen and compressed natural gas fuel pumps along the West Coast route from Canada to Mexico. — […] Read more »

Hoping to dust itself off after the global credit crunch forced it to halt production a few months ago, Norwegian car maker Think is gunning to launch the all-electric City in the U.S. by next year. Think has long intended to bring its vehicles stateside, starting […] Read more »

Six months ago, Element Partners Managing Partner David Lincoln heard a persistent question about cleantech investment, according to a Philadelphia Business Journal report: Was cleantech in the midst of a bubble? Excitement over growth in the industry had started to jack up the cost of investments. […] Read more »

Better Place Founder and CEO Shai Agassi’s vision of building out charging infrastructure and battery-swapping stations for electric vehicles was never going to be easy to implement. But turmoil in the world’s financial markets and mounting deficits in government budgets have raised new hurdles for the […] Read more »

Ford Sees EV-Filled Future: Ford Motor Co expects electric vehicles to represent a “major portion” of its lineup within 10-12 years, according to CEO Alan Mulally. — Reuters Mitsubishi Moves Into Solar: Mitsubishi Corp. has bought a 34 percent stake in the world’s largest photovoltaic power […] Read more »

A dig through biofuel maker Changing World Technologies’ SEC filings earlier this week (prompted by a report from southwest Missouri’s Carthage Press) revealed the signs of a company teetering on the brink. Yesterday CWT confirmed our take on the company’s dire situation, announcing late in the […] Read more »

When the editors of released their first State of Green Business report, they included a simple question about jobs (as noted in an interesting Gristmill post): How many jobs are being created through all of the kinds of activities measured in this report? The answer: […] Read more »

Cleantech Deep Dive: The first report in a thorough three-part series on how companies are navigating this make-or-break period for cleantech looks at why startups that look a little like Google may be the big winners. — CNET’s Green Tech Green Dreams Dashed: The 2007 climate […] Read more »

Changing World Technologies has known for awhile now that 2009 could be its make-or-break year. Founded more than a decade ago, the biofuels developer said in SEC filings that it raised $9.5 million last year — an amount CWT expected to fund its operations through the […] Read more »

Tesla Goes to Canada: Electric sports car maker Tesla Motors said it will start taking orders from Canadian customers today and begin delivering cars in the fourth quarter of this year. — Press Release Toyota Pins Hope on Hybrids: Toyota expects to sell 15 percent more […] Read more »

At a hearing about smart grid technology held today on Capitol Hill, the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s deputy director, Patrick Gallagher, summed up the big unknown for policymakers and potential smart grid players when he said: “The question of timing is front and center […] Read more »

Raise money, or sell your assets. Those are the options many solar companies are facing these days as looming oversupply and the global economic crisis threaten to shake out the sector. Today, solar service provider SunEdison said it managed to close a $20 million deal with […] Read more »

For young startups stuck in neutral as a result of parched credit markets, Index Ventures may soon offer a jump start. The venture capital firm — one of Europe’s largest — today announced the close of a €350 million (about $440 million) fund for early stage […] Read more »

Behold the Salt: Startup SolarReserve uses the sun’s heat to boil water, spin a turbine and heat a salt, which melts into a liquid that can maintain vast amounts of heat. — NYT’s Green Inc. Mitsubishi Pairs With Peugeot: Mitsubishi Motors Corp said today it will […] Read more »

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