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Open standards for the new networked vehicle may come sooner than we thought. The U.S. Council for Automotive Research, an alliance of Detroit’s Big Three, has just issued new standards for high-voltage wiring and connectors in hybrid and electric vehicles — a move that could eventually […] Read more »

In a word, the draft energy bill unveiled yesterday by House Democrats, is “terrific.” That’s according to Erik Straser, who leads cleantech investment for Mohr Davidow Ventures. “Who knows if this will resemble what actually gets passed,” he said, “but we actually have a roadmap here […] Read more »

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Attack of the Algae-Eaters: Shrimplike animals have devoured 159 square miles of artificially stimulated algae meant to capture carbon dioxide — casting serious doubt on ocean fertilization as a climate-control tool. — National Geographic On Their Marks: Malaysian automaker Proton and startup Detroit Electric plan to […] Read more »

In his first day at the helm of General Motors, Fritz Henderson wants to deliver one message: We’ll get the job done. Henderson repeated that pledge, in various ways, at a press conference this morning, saying that the automaker aims to quickly reinvent itself as a […] Read more »

Before unveiling the concept version of its Model S sedan, an $57,400 electric car that Tesla Motors wants to build using loans from the Department of Energy, the startup said the Model S battery would be designed to handle rapid charging. Last week, at the Model […] Read more »

Sunset for Solar?: Solar companies and investors who planned for silicon that was scarce and high-priced must adjust their business models for a glut that looms larger than most anyone expected. First Solar and other low-cost panel makers now face growing pressure on margins. — Barrons […] Read more »

Rick Wagoner — the 31-year General Motors veteran who worked his way up to CEO in 2000, allowed the company to drop its early lead in hybrid technology, pulled the plug on the EV-1 electric car development program, steered the company during an era of SUVs […] Read more »

Just hours after his auto task force announced that it had rejected General Motors and Chrysler’s turnaround plans, President Barack Obama stepped up to the White House podium to explain the task force decision, reassure the communities hardest hit by auto industry layoffs, and set the […] Read more »

Updated: A critical week lies ahead for the U.S. auto industry and GM’s Chevy Volt: On Monday, President Barack Obama is scheduled to reveal the next chapter in the government’s bailout plan, announcing the first recommendations from his auto task force, which test drove GM’s plug-in […] Read more »

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For anyone who’s ever borrowed a car through Zipcar or San Francisco’s City CarShare program, and then grumbled over the fact that the meter runs until you return it to Point A, when you want to stay at Point B (been there, done that), prepare for […] Read more »

If you have your eye on a 50 MPG gen-3 Prius hybrid or a 150 MPG plug-in Volt, the new CAFE standards won’t seem like much. But the Department of Transportation’s plan to require automakers’ car and truck lineups to have an average fuel efficiency of […] Read more »

Back in January, when we reported on the slew of electric cars rolling out at the Detroit Auto Show, we questioned whether the EV renaissance had really arrived. While electric cars had seized center stage, hybrid vehicles were much closer to having a significant impact on […] Read more »

Today’s the big day: The Apple-esque unveiling of Tesla Motors’ latest concept car: a $57,400 electric sedan called the Model S. Tesla just pulled the sheets off two prototypes — one silver and one white — at the Los Angeles headquarters of Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s […] Read more »

Tesla Motors’ Model S sedan has had a long and bumpy ride. On Thursday afternoon, the all-electric car with the $57,400 price tag will be unveiled in prototype at a launch party to be held at the Southern California headquarters of CEO Elon Musk’s other startup, […] Read more »

Bigger in Texas: The state senate in Texas is considering so many proposals to boost state incentives for solar power this week that the entire legislative session has been dubbed the “solar session.” The state aims to ramp up solar production and dominate the sector. –NYT’s […] Read more »

What can software do for mass transit? It can help cut delays, increase uptime, reduce emissions and slash fuel costs, according to IBM, which has just unveiled a new “smart rail” project in China. The company has already rolled out software for high-speed rail projects in […] Read more »

The winner of the LaunchPad event was Wattbot while the audience liked FarmsReach. For details on each presenter, see below: Visible Energy: The company unveiled its first product today, the UFO Powerstrip Launch: It has an iPhone interface and provides real-time feedback on energy use. You […] Read more »

President Barack Obama isn’t the only one who thinks cleantech entrepreneurs have a big role to play in rebuilding the U.S. economy. Redpoint Ventures seems to agree — and it’s betting that a deeper understanding of technologies for clean energy generation, storage and efficiency will help […] Read more »

Toshiba Delays Fuel Cell Launch: Toshiba said today it will not begin selling its first fuel cell product — a battery charger that produces electricity from a reaction between methanol, water and air — before the end of this month, as planned. The launch is now […] Read more »

In the midst of a solar shakeout, lending for utility-scale solar projects could plunge by as much as 17 percent, to 10 billion euros (about $13.5 billion) this year, according to a recent note from Commerzbank AG cited in Bloomberg today. Sven Hansen, chief investment officer […] Read more »

If “massive” is the first word that comes to mind in describing a supposedly green home, chances are you have an oxymoron on your hands. So before Google cofounder Larry Page gets too far with his plans to build a two-story, 6,000-square-foot, four-bedroom, GreenPoint-rated house next […] Read more »

Department of Energy chief Steven Chu wasn’t kidding about accelerating the agency’s loan guarantee program. The DOE today offered Fremont, Calif.-based thin-film solar startup Solyndra a $535 million loan guarantee to help finance a new manufacturing plant for cylindrical solar panels in California. This is the […] Read more »

Not What It Sounds Like: Porsche has gone solar. No, not by slapping solar panels on cars, but by installing its first U.S. solar array at a California logistics facility. — Fast Company Building a Better Subsidy: For the first time, clean energy developers can choose […] Read more »

We hear a different version of the same story every day: The budgets of U.S. consumers and businesses are under massive strain, and unemployment is climbing. But a new report from the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy says a national efficiency standard could fatten up those […] Read more »

China “Absolutely Opposed” to Chu’s Tariff Idea: China’s top negotiator for climate treaties has called a U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu’s recent suggestion to consider new duties on imports from countries that don’t try to limit their carbon emissions “an excuse to impose trade restrictions.” — […] Read more »

Back in January, Tesla Motors had plans, by most reports, to start producing 30 all-electric luxury Roadsters per week by this “spring.” Here we are on the season’s doorstep, and word has come in a newsletter from Tesla CEO Elon Musk that the startup now expects […] Read more »

Less than six months after Michigan lost one high-profile R&D center for alternative-fuel vehicles (that of Tesla Motors, shuttered last fall), the state has wooed another: Daimler AG’s Mercedes-Benz Hybrid subsidiary plans to build a $9.9 million R&D facility in southeast Michigan for propulsion systems that […] Read more »

The first generation of Chevy Volt extended-range electric cars, at the center of General Motors’ financial viability plan, has yet to hit showrooms. But that (along with its financial troubles) hasn’t kept GM from working on generations two and three, the company said in a call […] Read more »

Drill, Maybe, Drill: As the Obama administration outlines its energy plans, it’s caught between oil companies calling for follow-through on Obama’s pledge to support some expansion of offshore oil drilling, and environmental groups, who want a drilling ban to be reinstated. — New York Times Cash […] Read more »

Energy baron T. Boone Pickens has been loud and clear with his message about fuels for commercial fleet vehicles and heavy-duty trucks: Natural gas is the way to go. “A battery will not move an 18-wheeler,” he’s wont to say. But the Pickens Plan isn’t just […] Read more »

Take the salt or waste out of undrinkable water, and what do you get? The product of a market poised to swell to 54 trillion liters per year by 2020 – triple the global desalinated water supply in 2008. According to a new report from Lux Research, […] Read more »

Toyota Feels the Heat from Honda on Hybrids: Toyota may cut the price of its Prius down to $19,250 in Japan to match Honda’s new Insight Hybrid. — Bloomberg Feds Figure Out Permitting for Ocean Energy Projects: Two federal agencies have finally ended a turf war […] Read more »

The President of the United States doesn’t often tour garages. But this week, President Barack Obama plans to stop in at a plug-in hybrid and electric car test lab in Pomona, Calif., which includes the so-called “garage of the future” — a grid-connected, solar-powered green car […] Read more »

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