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The road hasn’t been easy for Next Autoworks (formerly V-Vehicle), which is backed by Google Ventures, T. Boone Pickens, and Kleiner Perkins. But the way forward has grown even rockier as legislators consider a proposal to shuffle around funds set aside for Next Autoworks’ project. Read more »


Freescale Semiconductor and Fuji Electric Systems are forming a new partnership focused on hybrid and electric vehicle tech. The two companies announced plans to collaborate on a type of power semiconductor for electronic powertrains, as well as other products for green cars down the road. Read more »


Global investments in renewable energy have risen dramatically over the last decade, but governments need to step up support for clean energy innovation. That’s one of the findings in a report out this morning from the International Energy Agency. Read more »


For electric motorcycle maker Zero Motorcycles, springtime is shaping up to be a season of change. The company announced today that CEO Gene Banman is retiring. This comes just about a month after co-founder Neal Saiki stepped down from his role as chief technology officer. Read more »

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A new report on the crash of a UPS jet carrying rechargeable lithium batteries outlines the hazards of transporting these devices. It’s the latest fuel for concern about the safety of lithium ion batteries, which store energy not only for gadgets but also plug-in vehicles. Read more »

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What would lead a company to walk away from negotiations for a coveted federal loan guarantee, as solar company Suniva did recently? It has to do with the terms of the government deals, the time it takes to obtain one, and the recovery of private markets. Read more »


It’s that time again, when automakers haul their wares out to Detroit for the North American International Auto Show. The event, which kicks off on Monday, will include an array of concepts for more efficient and less polluting cars, including hybrids, plug-in hybrids and all-electric vehicles. Read more »


Do not pass go, do not collect $24 million: That’s the card played by auto supplier Tenneco, which withdrew from a Department of Energy loan program in March 2010, less than six months after securing a coveted conditional loan commitment from the agency. Read more »

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While Uncle Sam has tapped a select few companies as winners for its green car loan program, it has left a much longer list of loan applicants disappointed or stuck in limbo. Here’s the state of the ATVM awards at the end of 2010: Read more »


A new $3 million NIST award could offer a significant boost for Austin, Tex.-based ActaCell, whose backers include, DFJ Mercury and Applied Ventures. The startup aims to scale up production of its novel nanocomposite material for lithium battery anodes by a factor of 1,000. Read more »


Executives from startup ETV Motors tell us, in an exclusive interview, how they’re shifting gears and divesting from the turbine business to focus on high-voltage, energy-dense battery cells for aviation, electric bikes and eventually plug-in cars. Read more »

Live streaming panel at NTVL 2010

The amount of live video watched online grew more than 600 percent over the past year. At GigaOM’s NewTeeVee Live conference, executives from livestream providers UStream, LiveStream and, plus the head of YouTube’s new livestream product, gave their take on what’s driving that growth. Read more »

Bram Cohen, BitTorrent, at NTVL 2010

What’s next for BitTorrent, a company that initially tried to establish a peer-to-peer-based download store for mainstream Hollywood, then aimed to help publishers distribute bits more effectively? Co-founder and chief scientist Bram Cohen explained at NewTeeVee Live that the company is focusing its efforts on livestreaming. Read more »

Peter Merholz, President Adaptive Path, at NTVL 2010

Most people just want to watch TV. They want it to be simple, and it should “just work.” Speaking today at GigaOM’s NewTeeVee Live conference, Peter Merholz, the president of user experience design firm Adaptive Path, explained, “People want the same media experience they’ve always had.” Read more »

The new sign

Tesla and Panasonic cozied up this week, with the Japanese electronics giant investing $30 million in the upstart electric vehicle maker and agreeing to jointly develop battery modules. The move deepens one of a growing number of alliances being formed among car companies and battery makers. Read more »

Oh how far you've come Tesla.
photo: Image courtesy of Tesla.

Tesla Motors has just picked up a $30 million investment from Japanese electronics giant Panasonic. The two companies announced on Wednesday that Panasonic — a preferred battery cell supplier for Tesla’s electric vehicles — has bought a $30 million stake in the Palo Alto, Calif. car maker. Read more »

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