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improving performance reviews

Clunky, arbitrary and impersonal, the performance review as traditionally structured seems a particularly poor fit for web work. Feedback and performance evaluations are essential in business, but when it comes to web workers, is there a better way to accomplish this than the traditional review? Read more »

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overcoming creative block

If you work on your own and get creatively blocked, you’re equally on your own to try and unstick yourself and get productive again. Programmer, designer, copywriter — whatever your field of work, it’s the same dilemma: How do you prod your unresponsive brain to deliver the goods? Read more »

intrenational tax tips

As I noted in my post about the amnesty offered by the IRS for those with hidden overseas assets, the flexibility of web work can encourage cross-border collaborations and contracts and allow location-independent workers to live abroad for a period of time. Taxes, predictably, get complicated. Read more »

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The dot-com bust proved a bumpy ride for Shane Pearlman. After working at five companies in two years, he decided that he’d actually have more security as a freelancer. Eventually, he joined with a frequent collaborator, and software consultancy Shane & Peter was born. Read more »

video interview tips

Working remotely sometimes means getting hired remotely – which often means nailing a video interview. Whether it’s over Skype or some other tech, communicating qualifications and reading the interviewer’s body language through the barrier of a lens can be a challenge. So how can you ensure success? Read more »


Not long after starting an online marketing company with his partner, California-based David Chan realized that his growing business demanded more manpower and set about engaging a team of remote workers. WebWorkerDaily spoke to Chan to find out what’s worked for him and what hasn’t. Read more »

office vibe for remote workers

It’s not only work that goes on at work. A portion of the office day in is taken up with complimenting new hairstyles, joking about a colleague’s sports team and the like. Web workers tend to miss out on these quick doses of human connection. Read more »


You’re an experienced manager and have been shepherding your in-office team effectively for years. And then things shift, you change roles, or a new project comes along, and suddenly the people you work with are scattered across the continent. Does all your old management wisdom apply? Read more »

Vacation tips for web workers and freelancers

Sitting on the beach and sipping an umbrella drink doesn’t sound like the kind of task that requires an instruction manual, but it’s hard for web workers know when work ends and vacation begins. How can you switch off without appearing to slack off? Read more »

do gamers make better employees

In the networked, geographically dispersed workplace of the future, the mental traits of World of Warcraft (WoW) enthusiasts — being bottom-line oriented, tolerant of diversity, comfortable with constant change, happy to learn, and intensely interested in innovation — may be hugely beneficial. Read more »


Managers establishing virtual teams may dream of attracting the best and brightest in New York, San Francisco and Shanghai. The workers of rural places and smaller cities probably feature less often. Now the proponents of a movement known as “rural sourcing” are trying to change that. Read more »

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