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Technology is helping cut transaction costs in many domains. Want to rent a movie? Forget the old days of driving 10 minutes to Blockbuster and spending 30 minutes arguing with your significant other about popcorn flick versus art house. Netflix will have a few hours entertainment […] Read more »

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What lessons has Chuck Robbins, a senior VP running Cisco’s sales team for the Americas, learned from his experience at a company that was not only an early adopter of flexible working, but also builds a number of remote work solutions? Read more »

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telecommuting and the young

Writing on the website of The Atlantic recently, Alexis Madrigal compared telecommuting to the jetpack, describing it as a “a long-promised, much-anticipated technological system that’s never arrived.” He notes that uptake of the practice has stalled. So what’s Madrigal’s explanation for this plateauing? Read more »

Digital nomad

Joe Solomon, founder of incentive travel company Iconic Adventures, is a dedicated outdoor enthusiast who realized that working the nine-to-five grind wasn’t for him, and set out to use remote collaboration tools to design a business that supported his lifestyle. How did he manage it? Read more »

the cure for summer slacking

With the arrival of summer weather, it’s natural for workers’ minds to turn to enjoying the sunshine and to drift a bit from spreadsheets, sales targets and the like. So what’s the cure for this summer slacking? The Chicago Tribune says an increase in web work. Read more »

U.S. freelancers look to Europe

Economic uncertainty is clearly making trouble for politicians, but is it an opportunity for the savvy American web worker with tech skills?, which connects talented pros with companies in need of assistance on a per hour basis, has evidence that this might be the case. Read more »

telecommuters happiness research

The research is conclusive: compared to office-based colleagues, those who are free to work where they choose are happier with their jobs. But why is this? The answer isn’t as clear as it might first appear to web work boosters. Read more »

legal problems with telecommuting

Can web work cause legal complications? It’s not the sexiest question to ponder concerning a location-independent work style (who wouldn’t prefer daydreaming about opening the laptop at the local park or attending that conference call in your slippers?), but it’s an important one for managers nonetheless. Read more »


Mom Anne Samoilov is Laura Roeder Media’s project manger, making sure a team spread from New York to Hawaii is collaborating smoothly. So how does a woman with a background in project management and few tech credentials tame the challenges of web work? Read more »

telecommuting for elite only

Not everyone can work via the web due to the requirements of their jobs. But are there other more subtle limitations to who can work at a distance? A recent study from The Telework Research Network sheds some light on this question. Read more »

flexible working perks and the recession

In a terrible economy, budget-conscious employers cut benefits. But is the fledgling economic recovery now strong enough for employers to start sweating poachers and bring back perks? And did non-monetary benefits like flexible work arrangements ever feel the recessionary pinch? Read more »

web worker insecurity

Issues like time management and work-life balance challenges have been covered on WebWorkerDaily before, but one difficult aspect of solo work studied by Susan J. Ashford, professor at the University of Michigan, is less often discussed: the challenges to ego and self-worth that solo work presents. Read more »

horizontal networks and web workers

It’s not unreasonable to wonder if competition between web workers is fierce, with those with a super flexible gig or a fabulous freelance client fighting to keep rival workers away from their plum assignments. But is this really the case? Not according to research from oDesk. Read more »


Looking at the previous two Tales from the Trenches, a reader could get the impression that all web workers are employed by small firms or as independent contractors. But large organizations are putting the advantages of wired working to use as well, including global telecom giant Orange. Read more »

Just before deadline

With the ability to work whenever we wish, web workers face ever-increasing work hours. There’s always “just one email” after dinner or the pull of our smartphone before our morning workout. But one blogger is arguing that longer hours actually usually mean less productivity. Read more »

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