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Being constantly connected has huge advantages, but is there one crucial thing these gadgets don’t let you do — turn off? The causes of the perceived tendency of remote workers toward workaholism are debatable, but new surveys reveal one thing is for sure: The problem is global. Read more »

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Stanford University researchers partner with a Chinese travel agency to do a rigorous scientific test of the effects of allowing telecommuting, using a large sample and control group. The results are heartening for fans of remote work and might be enough to convince skeptical bosses. Read more »

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tips for new members of coworking spaces

Simply joining a coworking space is obviously a necessary first step to joining the movement, but it’s not enough to get the maximum benefit out of participating, according to Genevieve DeGuzman, the co-author of a coworking guide. She offers tips for newbies to find their footing. Read more »

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will an economic recovery kill coworking

Remote work has boomed during the recession as job seekers look beyond traditional office-based gigs and companies embrace any opportunity to cut costs. That boom in nontraditional work has fed enthusiasm for coworking spaces. But will this enthusiasm outlast the tough economic times? Read more »


Luckily, when Cora Rodenbusch’s programmer husband caught a bad case of wanderlust, she found herself in a dream situation for a would-be digital nomad: employed by an open-minded purveyor of remote collaboration tools eager to drum up publicity and put its products to the test. Read more »


In a shift that’s analogous to the movement toward cloud computing, work is changing from a place to a network armed with collaboration tools, and this change raising questions about environmental impact. But are we underestimating the green benefits of new ways of working? Read more »


When we say remote work, we usually have one sense of the word in mind –distant from colleagues. But remote has another related meaning: rural. MacKenzie-Childs is remote in both senses. We spoke to the CEO about the benefits and challenges of remote, remote workers. Read more »

Wazoku_Idea Spotlight_screenshot,jpg

With its launch last week, London-based start-up Wazuko aims to jostle its way into the buzzing idea/ innovation management space and help companies cultivate more good ideas. But what sets this service apart form its competitors? We spoke to co-founder Simon Hill to find out. Read more »

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