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Often we only learn to value something when we feel its absence, so perhaps it makes sense that perpetually roaming travel writer Pico Iyer is a powerful advocate for stillness. In a recent interview he discusses the value of quiet for the perpetually plugged-in. Read more »

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Gloomy February is generally in need of more celebrations, and it has gotten one: Anywhere Working Week is on now. But this initiative from UK business, government and nonprofits to promote remote work is hardly getting pulses racing. Flexible work deserves a higher profile. Read more »


A survey conducted by British online labor platform confirms earlier findings from competitor site PeoplePerHour that showed UK businesses are hiring more independent workers, indicating that the much discussed rise of the “gig economy” is a transatlantic phenomenon. Read more »

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Forget Mad Men-era images of CEOs spending hours around conference tables. A research project reveals that while executives still spend a ton of time in meetings, modern CEOs increasingly use virtual tools to connect. What might this mean for corporate culture further down the ladder? Read more »


Constant connectedness means an increased risk of communication addiction, with knowledge workers checking their devices at all hours and burning themselves out in the process. But whose problem is this? Should companies, individuals or even countries be responsible for setting boundaries? Wharton School experts debate. Read more »


An expert on flexible work examines the data and concludes that despite much chatter about the rise of flexible working, in reality these policies only benefit a narrow, highly educated subset of the workforce. Can the practice be expanded to help those most in need? Read more »


Nearly everyone hates meetings, but a bold blogger suggests the solution may not be fewer of them, but more. Wayne Turmel argues that virtual teams stick too closely to the old model of long get togethers and advocates for more, shorter remote meetings. Read more »


The five partners in charge of Flip Flop Shops run their expanding franchise out of home offices spread across North America. How does this entirely remote team keep the business on track while maintaining a flip-flop friendly lifestyle? President Brian Curin fills us in. Read more »


Coworking and independent work may seem utopian as workers escape being chained to dreary cubicles, but exploitation of contractors is still a danger. Are coworking spaces inadvertently making it easier to establish asymmetric power relationships and, if so, what’s to be done about it? Read more »

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