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Traditional business culture, with its emphasis on networking, meetings and pitching, doesn’t generally favor introverts. And the current management mania for collaboration may be making matters worse for quiet ruminators. Is remote working the solution to the problem, or does it bring its own issues? Read more »


Recent research showed that the majority of online freelancers are women. Now, new numbers from MBO Partners reveal women aren’t just dominating independent work online, but actually make up more than half of all independent pros, and they’re highly satisfied with this way of working. Read more »


Remote working is often about practicing what you preach. Got an outdoor adventure brand? No chaining your employees to their desks then. Built your company late at night? Forget the nine to five. But what if your company is all about tracking time? Harvest explains. Read more »

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The Freelancers Union has launched its #GetPaidNotPlayed campaign highlighting a “deadbeat epidemic” of non-payment that the organization says cost each independent worker $4,600 on average last year. To urge New York State to pass legislation protecting freelancers’ rights they’re putting together one massive invoice. Read more »


Seattle-based games company Valve claims to make more per employee than even Google and does it without employing a single boss. How does the company manage to do so well with no hierarchy? The employee handbook lays it all out. Should others follow suit? Read more »


The collaboration space is already crowded, but one expert feels there is still a gap in the market for a “WordPress for enterprise,” a flexible collaboration platform that allows businesses to tailor their collaboration suite as easily as WordPress allows them to tailor their sites. Read more »

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A new survey released by remote access company TeamViewer today shows that while both genders predict more online meetings in the future, women see more benefits to the practice than men do and are also more demanding of their meeting hosts. Why is this? Read more »


How is the future of work changing whole organizations? A social business expert and the folks at Yammer weigh in on how we should re-jig our mental models of companies, conceiving of them more like cities with bosses playing the role of urban planner. Read more »


The results are out on UK telecoms giant O2’s one-day telecommuting experiment and it’s good news for fans of remote work. Sending nearly 3,000 workers home improved productivity, saved money and CO2, and resulted in more sleep and family time for employees. Read more »


While a host of studies have found that telecommuters are more productive and happier with their work, new research paints a less rosy picture of managing virtually, finding that bosses who don’t share a space with their reports perform slightly worsel than co-located supervisors. Read more »


Along with some impressive new growth numbers, online labor platform Elance offers GigaOM an exclusive sneak preview of its predictions for the future of work online. Get ready for widespread remote work, commonplace use of the human cloud and global guilds for independent workers. Read more »


Why make a team distributed? For some companies it’s about hiring the best talent, while other founders look at it as a lifestyle decision, but at GitHub, letting the team work from anywhere and at any time is all about producing excellent products. Read more »


Want to save money by hiring talent in a cheaper labor market? Previously, your choices were outsourcing abroad or rural sourcing here at home, but now a new third way is emerging – hiring workers in the lower cost hinterlands of foreign countries. Read more »


Evidence from last week’s Global Coworking Unconference Conference and recent online commentary on the movement points to the fact that earlier predictions on GigaOM that coworking is undergoing a rapid and significant transformation were on to something. Should we mourn or rejoice? Read more »

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