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New ways of working demand new workspaces, a fact that pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline clearly understands. It’s building its second deskless office in Philadelphia, replacing cubes with fluid spaces, laptops and personal lockers, and saving money and speeding decision making as a result. Read more »

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With Microsoft’s recent acquisition of Yammer, it’s clear social has arrived. And what goes for internal communication goes for recruiting as well, writes Josh Bersin, CEO of consultancy Bersin & Associates, in an article laying out the feverishly hot social recruiting start-up scene. Read more »

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As careers become more fluid, diverse and self-directed and more of us work flexibly at multiple gigs or projects, the hard lines between spaces for work, family and play are also becoming less stark. Behold the railway station/office and coworking space/daycare. Read more »


A new study reveals that we’re much more likely to choose others of the same gender to collaborate with and suggests that management should get involved to ensure teams are co-ed and chosen based on skills rather than personal comfort level. Is this really necessary? Read more »


Virtual working is only for professions with digital deliverables, right? Designers, coders and writers may be the first people who come to mind, but if you imagine companies that deal in the physical can’t benefit from going virtual, you haven’t talked to Fred’s Appliance. Read more »


Technology may be making distance irrelevant, but just because the logistical challenges of working with far away colleagues are receding, doesn’t mean the cultural ones are diminishing. How can you avoid miscommunication and unintended offence when dealing with colleagues from different backgrounds? Experts offer tips. Read more »

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Rather than growing out of shared office space, larger startups with dozens of employees are increasingly sticking with coworking spaces. But should they? Experts caution there could be company culture, security and human resources drawbacks if startups fail to leave the nest. Read more »

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