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Regulated industries like health care and financial services deal with large quantities of sensitive data many deem unsuitable for cloud storage. But for those prepared to invest in understanding and meeting the requirements of such heavily regulated environments, there are many opportunities to offer premium services. Read more »


Skype has made some partnerships that extend its reach beyond the desktop computer. A logical acquirer of Skype would be an Internet software company, telephony equipment maker or telecom carrier, and recent headlines suggest Cisco might be a natural fit. Read more »


A number of factors — cost, security, control — make large-scale open source adoption both a valid option and a difficult choice for enterprises. On the one hand, it’s cost-effective, inherently agile and reliable. On the other, it’s innovative, disruptive and therefore risky to business owners. Read more »

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Major carriers must overcome the ceiling under which they now find themselves and the growth of their businesses. Solutions lie not in voice-centric mobile devices, but with new non-phone, data-consuming devices like tablets, e-readers and machine-to-machine technology like digital picture frames, personal navigation devices and more. Read more »


Some recent stories about social networking companies and third-party data suppliers highlight a key challenge currently facing social media: advertising measurement. Companies that best address this challenge by pairing the new medium with more traditional media buying will be the ones to get the advertising revenue. Read more »


One of the most common questions often asked is how to get your app reviewed by the various iPhone blog sites around the Internet. While there is no guaranteed method,’s co-founder Ryan Johnson has a few pointers to help you build a relationship with reviewers. Read more »


Nearly one-third of Facebook’s 500 million-strong user base is using phones to engage with friends via the social network. Facebook ought to fulfill its potential in mobile, but the social network giant will need a more robust strategy than simply releasing a branded hardware device. Read more »


The App Store contains a number of “ladder points” where moving from one ranking to the next increases an app’s visibility — and, consequently, its sales. Those positions are worth vying for, even if you sometimes have to spend a little in ads to get there. Read more »


No single strategy guarantees social media success. Twitter’s recent relaunch mirrors some of Digg’s tactics, but social services from Google and Apple take entirely different approaches. In other words, with multiple strategies available, there’s more than one way to win the social network game. Read more »


For app developers, the single most important step in preparing an iPhone app for release is to ensure it has been properly optimized for iTunes App Store search. With that in mind, we offer a lesson on the art and science of search engine optimization. Read more »

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The mobile and wireless industry is in a state of flux as new technologies emerge at an increasingly rapid pace. As discussed in a new report at GigaOM Pro, where there is market disruption, venture capitalists will search for new opportunities to build new businesses. Read more »


Feed-based UIs can deliver great user experiences when properly enhanced. For companies that offer information or communications services and are looking to implement feeds as UIs, there are a few additional features to consider when adding value to raw, time-based feeds. Read more »


As it stands now, Ping is explicitly about selling music on the iTunes store. And while the new service is making us wonder whether Apple could build a viable social network, perhaps the real question is, “Does Apple want to build a real social network?” Read more »


Whether by design or accident, Ping’s lack of integration with other social networks, or even with the web itself, is now its most compelling feature — at least from a strategic perspective. It’s essentially an e-commerce platform for music disguised as a social network. Read more »


As employees bring their personal devices to work, corporate information technology departments have an opportunity to embrace the benefits of consumer technology in the form of lightweight and transient enterprise apps aimed at employee smartphones. This will enhance collaboration and usher the next generation workplace. Read more »


Google has had its share of social media flops, and many smart analysts now think the search just doesn’t have “social” in its nature. But the company’s announcement last week of real-time search shows what exactly Google should do to remain relevant in social media. Read more »

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