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The SmartThings hub
photo: smartthings

Many technologies and challenges will shape what we know as “the internet of things” over the next few years. In the latest GigaOM Research podcast, we sit down with analyst Jon Collins to discuss what the technology is (and isn’t) and why it matters for our connected future. Read more »

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Hadoop bronze

The big talk around Hadoop right now is on SQL and why the integration of the two is important. Analysts Joseph Turian and Jo Maitland discuss the ups and downs of this in the latest GigaOM Research podcast. Read more »


Twitter is at a crossroads: It’s inarguably a mainstream communications technology at this point, but it’s also generating controversy around its developer and user policies as it expands. Join us in sharing thoughts on Twitter’s role in the industry — both now and in the future. Read more »

Customer rides of the Model S Beta

Have strong opinions about Tesla’s electric sedan the Model S? It’s officially shipping starting this Friday and represents a new chapter for the Silicon Valley firm. Take our survey and weigh in on it. Any chance you’ll reserve or buy one? Read more »

Mark Zuckerberg
photo: Background: Shutterstock/Thomas Pajot & Zuckerberg: Jason McELweenie/Flickr

With Facebook’s IPO scheduled for later this week, we decided to poll GigaOM readers and other technology watchers on the company’s longer-term prospects. So put the immediate future out of your mind, and think about how Facebook might evolve in the next 2 to 5 years. Read more »

Nest_in the box low-res

Then news that thermostat giant Honeywell has slapped startup Nest with a lawsuit for patent infringement throws an unexpected wrinkle in the landscape of the smart thermostat this year. We ask readers to weigh in on what the lawsuit means for the smart thermostat industry. Read more »


It will take more than a five-button remote control to efficiently navigate the new universe of video content now available. That means a new user interface for the video viewing experience is inevitable, and many companies are involved. Here are a few to watch. Read more »


For all the talk, there’s little evidence that cord cutting, to whatever extent it is actually happening, has loosened the grip of the networks or cable operators on the TV business. If anything, they’ve tightened their hold, as evidence from this last quarter shows. Read more »


Spending in the mobile advertising space will be approximately $4 billion worldwide this year, so despite perceptions to the contrary, we can safely assume it’s an area to watch in the coming years. Here are some trends that will shape growth in the next five years. Read more »


E-book lending is on the rise, thanks to the continued growth of the e-book market and programs from online retail giants like Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Two distinct business models have emerged to serve the ever-expanding number of users and address challenges that arise. Read more »


The global economy continues to face uncertainty, but despite this, many technology companies have cash on hand and are opting to spend it on mergers and acquisitions. Here we examine some likely strategies from five different companies: IBM, Oracle, HP, Cisco and Hewlett-Packard. Read more »


With enterprise data volumes growing, business and IT leaders face significant opportunities and challenges from big data. The space, of course, is not without its obstacles — including plenty of privacy concerns — but in 2011, there are numerous sales-growth opportunities and new business models finally surfacing. Read more »


The U.S. health care system remains one of the most fragmented, expensive and inefficient health systems on the planet. But cloud computing is fast-becoming a solution that could re-configure how we think about health care delivery — and the cost of it — in the years to come. Read more »


The live-stream video market is entering an upturn in the typical hockey stick growth chart. Viewership will more than double by 2014, and as the market grows, it will support both content providers with a diverse, one-stop-shop approach and those with more specialized content and audiences. Read more »


This morning, we’ve gathered more than 50 entrepreneurs, executives and investors at our San Francisco offices to engage in a town hall-style forum to discuss what could happen if we had the “app store” revolution (and the app store economy) on our TV sets. Read more »


The television business is on the cusp of the biggest technological upheaval since cable TV emerged. With that in mind, we examine the leading contenders’ strategic positioning, relative strengths and weaknesses & provide the early line on their odds of success in the connected TV marketplace. Read more »


Amid other announcements, two specific areas of the connected consumer industry had especially significant developments in the third quarter: e-books and TV-band white spaces. And as we discuss in a new report at GigaOM Pro, developments in these areas could have tremendous effect on the industry. Read more »


Mobile health examines the behavioral changes that occur as new technologies advance our health care system worldwide. Quite often, these changes are due to an increasing proliferation of mobile health apps, from fitness and nutrition trackers to those that use social networking as a motivating force. Read more »

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