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TPI Composites Inc., which makes light-weight wind turbine blades that it claims are more durable and more efficient than conventional blades, on Thursday announced it had raised $20 million in its second round of funding. Investors in the convertible preferred equity financing round, announced at the […] Read more »

After being ignored in the last two inaugural speeches, the issue of climate change got plenty of attention at U.S. President Barack Obama’s inauguration Tuesday. As an estimated 1.4 million watchers looked on in the mall alone, by far the largest attendance at an inaugural event, […] Read more »

Montreal-based Enerkem, which just last week announced it would soon start up its first commercial scale cellulosic ethanol factory, is looking to secure financing to begin building its second such plant this year, CEO Vincent Chornet told us. Enerkem is teaming up with GreenField Ethanol, Canada’s […] Read more »

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The economy may be giving renewable energy companies plenty to fear in the year to come, but not all the forecasts are gloomy. At a time when analysts are predicting shrinking venture capital investment and companies are shelving plans for new factories, some industry insiders are […] Read more »

Intel solar spinoff SpectraWatt has put its plans to build a factory in Hillsboro, Ore., on hold after being unable to get enough financing, The Oregonian reported this week. CEO Andrew Wilson told the newspaper that SpectraWatt is searching for an existing building that it could […] Read more »

As the semiconductor industry prepares to post a rare drop in revenues, with another decline expected next year, it’s no wonder that many chip companies are shifting their hopes to solar power. Last month, Hemlock Semiconductor announced plans for a $3 billion expansion of its polysilicon […] Read more »

Any time business goes bad, you can expect lawsuits to follow; the cleantech industry is no exception, and the last year saw plenty of court action. While we’re all ready to embrace 2009, we couldn’t help but take one more look back at 2008 and draw […] Read more »

Valence Technology has been working to bring phosphate-based lithium-ion batteries to large-format applications such as vehicles since 1989. In other words, it’s essentially been waiting for the electric-car market to take off for nearly two decades. But the company thinks its waiting period is over. It […] Read more »

SolarCity, a solar installer and financier based in Foster City, Calif., has installed one of the country’s first thin-film solar projects on a residential roof. The company installed 2.4 kilowatts worth of First Solar cadmium-telluride panels on a home in San Mateo, Calif., last week, SolarCity’s […] Read more »

Startups haven’t been seeing a lot of venture-capital money lately, but Mariah Power, a company with a small vertical-axis turbine that can turn low-speed gusts of wind into electricity, recently managed to squeeze cash out of the slowed-down funding environment. The company — named for the […] Read more »

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When Congress passed $18 billion in national renewable-energy tax credits in October, it also approved a provision allowing utilities to take advantage of the credits for the first time. That led to wide speculation among solar insiders that utilities would be entering the industry en masse […] Read more »

Venture capitalists seemed to be taking a break from battery funding last month, but investment in Infinite Power Solutions last week could indicate the pause might be over. The Littleton, Colo.-based thin-film battery manufacturer announced last Wednesday that it had raised $13 million in its second […] Read more »

With economic conditions slowing project financing, cellulosic-ethanol startup Coskata‘s commercial plant might get pushed back a bit, Chief Marketing Officer and VP Wes Bolsen tells us. The company said in January it had expected to break ground on the plant — planned to make 50 million […] Read more »

Thin-film manufacturer Global Solar Energy has flipped the switch on its 750-kilowatt solar project in Tucson, Ariz., which it claims is the world’s largest system using solar cells made of copper-indium-gallium-diselenide. The company, which makes CIGS solar cells, announced this week that the project is fully […] Read more »

Avista Corp., a utility based in Spokane, Wash., has become the latest in a series of U.S. companies to pull back on its wind power project plans. The company has delayed plans to build a 50-megawatt wind farm in the state for at least two years, […] Read more »

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