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What’s the purpose of the billion-dollar plus smart grid acquisition surge? According to Schneider Electric, it’s around developing the capacity to be a “true smart grid provider,” which includes procuring energy as well as using IT to manage the grid. Read more »

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Can the cloud handle the energy and smart meter data of an entire country? The U.K. is working on several nationwide smart meter data clearinghouse projects that could be a start, and companies like IBM are targeting the market. Read more »

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French power giant Alstom is buying smart grid software developer UISOL, as it chases competitor Honeywell into an open source way to automate demand response: turning down buildings’ power use to manage peak loads. But how open will OpenADR be after it’s folded in? Read more »

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Clean Edge’s new report lays out five trends that could drive the next decade’s green markets, from those relying on hard, cold economic realities to others susceptible to changing government mandates or consumers preferences. Read more »

Oil Refinery

Khosla-backed startup KiOR has a new customer for the biocrude it hopes to start producing in 2012 — Hunt Refining Co. It’s an important step for a startup seeking $1 billion in federal loan guarantees. Hunt has agreed to buy an unspecified amount of product. Read more »


Retroficiency, a startup out of MIT, says its software and deep data analysis can make the process of identifying which buildings in a portfolio of hundreds are ripe for efficiency retrofits, a lot easier and cheaper. On Wednesday, the Boston-based startup announced an $800,000 angel round. Read more »


Will demand response move to the cloud? Lockheed Martin is linking demand response with a cloud-based smart meter platform for cooperative utilities, and EnerNOC is turning to for smart grid-customer interaction. Read more »


Stanford University spinout Amprius has landed $25 million from investors, including Kleiner Perkins and Chinese firms IPV Capital and Qian Neng Fund, to bring its silicon nanowire lithium-ion battery anode technology to commercial production, most likely for consumer electronics batteries. Read more »


Thermoelectric startup Phononic Devices has landed a $10 million investment to work on its technology to convert heat into electricity, or vice versa. There’s a big market for thermoelectrics that are cheap and reliable enough. Read more »


There’s a divide within data centers today between the people who manage data center cooling, power and security systems and the folks that manage the IT side of data centers. But right now the efficiencies of IT have more to offer the future of greener data centers. Read more »


IBM will help Indian cellular giant Bharti network its 32,000 cell towers for more efficient energy use. Think of it as a smarter way to link lots of little data centers, on a vast, distributed scale. Read more »

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