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Beastie Boys
photo: Beastie Boys

Toy maker GoldieBlox’s decision to turn a sexist rap song into a girl power commercial touched off a lawsuit last fall and led to a debate about the limits of parody and fair use. While GoldieBlox had used the Beastie Boys’ song in a clearly transformative fashion, the company also appeared to be acting with blatantly cynical and commercial motives. Alas for copyright scholars, who had hoped a court ruling might shed more light on the issue, the two sides have quietly settled the issue on undisclosed terms.

In Brief

Google filed an emergency motion on Friday asking a California appeals court to stay a decision this week that forced it to purge all copies of a controversial anti-Islam video from YouTube. The removal order was based on an unusual interpretation of copyright law, and was greeted with alarm by scholars, free speech advocates and the tech and entertainment industry. The order was all the more remarkable since it came with a gag order that forced Google to pull down all the videos before the court ruling was disclosed. In Friday’s motion, Google asked the court to suspend the original order until a full panel of the 9th Circuit Court can hear its appeal.

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