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Gigaom readers are likely familiar with America’s troubled patent system and with Intellectual Ventures, the company that has done more than any other to exploit that troubled system. IV does most of its mischief while hiding behind its 2000 or so shell companies but, this week, the troll king will be suing in its own name. As Reuters reports, IV and Google’s Motorola Mobility are set to begin a trial in Delaware federal court this week involving patents that IV purchased long ago from some now forgotten company. The case will have little effect on Motorola Mobility’s day-to-day business, but it could provide momentum to one side or the other as Congress debates the Innovation Act, a law intended to curb patent trolling.

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In Brief

In an unbelievable act of chutzpah, an infamous patent troll that demands money from small businesses for using scanners, is suing the Federal Trade Commission for trying to stop its activities. The troll, which is controlled by a group of lawyers who bought old patents for $1, is whinging that the FTC is violating its free speech rights. Which rights are those? According to the troll, it has a Constitutional right to threaten small businesses with patent lawsuits — which are hugely expensive to defend —  unless they pay $1000 to license a scanner. Ars Technica has full details on the antics of the troll, which has already been driven out of several states. And if there’s anyone out there who still thinks that patent trolling encourages innovation, I’ve got a scanner you can license.

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