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Canada bitcoin flag
photo: Gigaom Illustration

A Bitcoin ATM in Vancouver has put Canada on the map as a virtual currency hotbed. That role is now under threat as the country’s finance minister said Canada would give regulators more resources to watch virtual currency. Read more »

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Ericsson announced on Monday that it will end all litigation with Samsung following a worldwide patent licensing deal. Samsung will reportedly pay the Swedish networking equipment maker $650 million as part of an agreement that covers “GSM, UMTS, and LTE standards for both networks and handsets.” The deal, under which each company receives access to the others’ patent portfolio, puts an end to legal proceedings that began in 2012 and were taking place in Texas federal court, the U.S. International Trade Commission and elsewhere. It is the second major patent agreement Samsung announced in the last 24 hours; on Sunday, the Korean company said it entered a global ten-year patent deal with Google.

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