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Twitter Bird perched on gavel
photo: Shutterstock Composition: Bird via basel101658 / Gavel via Alexander A. Sobolev

In a closely-watched case tied to last year’s Occupy Wall Street protests, a New York judge ruled that tweets are no different from words shouted in the street and ordered Twitter to turn over a user’s account to prosecutors. Read more »

photo: Paul Vlaar

News Corp’s share price is soaring as investors cheer reports that the giant company is planning to spin off its $8 billion publishing division. News Corp analysts we talked with, not surprisingly, like the idea of a restructured News Corp — but interestingly, they’re also optimistic about the prospects of a stand-alone publishing corporation. Read more »

photo: Maxx-Studio

Apple enjoyed a triumph this week when it persuaded a federal judge to ban a tablet computer that Apple claims was “slavishly copied” from its famous iPad. Is this a game changer that will allow the iPad to dominate for a long time to come? Here’s a simple explanation of what happened and what comes next. Read more »

News Corp headquarters
photo: Getty Images / Mario Tama

Following numerous reports that News Corp is thinking of spinning off its publishing operations, the company issued a short statement that it is “considering a restructuring to separate its business into two distinct public companies.” Read more »

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