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Tools like Pocket help you manage a flood of online content by zapping it into a personal box to view later on. The company showed the stories and videos that we’re storing the most — but the tech-heavy nature of its Top 10 lists suggest these tools still await widespread adoption. Read more »

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There’s a brewing conflict over consumers’ rights to use platforms like ReDigi to resell their books, music and other digital property. Now libraries and companies like eBay and Redbox are leading a campaign to pass “You bought it, you own it” laws. Read more »

Photo: Monaco Mediax ©
photo: Photo: Monaco Mediax ©

Huffington Post has a new CEO who will be tasked with building traffic and revenue and continuing the brand’s international expansion. The move comes at a time when parent company AOL appears to have figured out how to manage its media properties. Read more »

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