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A US Military judge acquitted Private Bradley Manning, who gave government documents to the website Wikileaks, of “aiding the enemy,” a charge that could have resulted in a life sentence. The judge did, however, convict him of violating the Espionage Act which is likely to lead to jail time. The New York Times has reactions to the verdict here.

Clipping service Meltwater, which has faced legal trouble for scraping content, says it will drop a court appeal and work with news agencies instead to develop new products. The news, announced on Monday, comes after Meltwater suffered a resounding loss this spring in a case involving […] Read more »

photo: Beto Chagas via Shutterstock

Social game maker Zynga surprised investors with news that it will give up plans to seek a license to offer gambling in the U.S.. According to one source, the plan may have been a longshot all along. Read more »

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