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When the Mac operating system OS X 10.4 (aka “Tiger”) was first announced, there were two things that I instantly fell in love with: Automator and Dashboard. While Automator is great when you really want to geek out, Dashboard is a great companion for new and […] Read more »

Until very recently, Tor was always something I heard about online but never used. I never considered myself enough of a “hardcore” geek to really pursue it, but it turned out to be much simpler to use that I thought. So for those of you that […] Read more »

I’m not going to lie to you — this is going to get geeky. Not run-my-mac-from-the-command-line geeky, but more pocket-protector-and-green-visor geeky. I am an accountant after all. That being said, someone asked me the other day what the big deal was with Apple’s war chest. For […] Read more »

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The folks over at Lumosity are serious about the brain. Some of the leading neuroscientists in the world have come together to create a brain fitness program to improve your brain’s health and performance. Although the full Lumosity brain training program involves many other online games and […] Read more »

If you’re like me, sending holiday cards is one of those “necessary evils” of the holidays. A new service,, hopes to make the process a little easier — at least for your friends with iPhones. is a San Francisco, CA startup founded by ex-Microsoft […] Read more »

During the past few months I’ve grown a little bored with my music. Even my favorite tracks have become routine. So to inject some life into my iTunes library I’ve been getting my hands on a monthly playlist of Indie Rock tracks (from completely legal and […] Read more »

I don’t know about you but my favorite corporate blogger is now Brent from Netflix – or as I like to call him – “The Bringer of Good News.” Netflix announced on Wednesday the addition of 1,000 movies to its “Watch Instantly” collection, which on its […] Read more »

Let’s face it. iWeb allows just about anyone to create a website in minutes with little to absolutely no knowledge of web design. Add some text, drag and drop a few pictures… and BAM! you’ve got yourself a slick looking website. The only problem? It looks […] Read more »

I just plugged in my 4th external hard drive today – the 1TB My Book Essential Edition. That brings my total external storage capacity to about 2TB – which is pretty good considering most people don’t have ANY sort of backup solution. But as I was […] Read more »

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NBC announced late Thursday afternoon that it will not be renewing its contract with Apple to sell NBC TV shows through iTunes. That is, unless NBC can convince Apple to enforce stricter DRM and allow NBC to charge even more for the TV shows that iTunes […] Read more »

I don’t know why it bugged me so much, but I always hated the fact that there was no easy (a.k.a. obvious) way to delete tracks from my playlist AND my library at the same time. You know the situation: you’re listening to your playlist and […] Read more »

TechTool Pro has always been known as a big player in the community of Mac utilities, but has maintained its unique approach to combining an extremely powerful program with a very user-friendly interface. Unfortunately for utility developers, OS X is a fairly robust system and doesn’t […] Read more »

Following up on part 1 of my interview with the creative minds behind, here’s what Ananth Panagariya had to say about his role in writing AppleGeeks. TAB: I’m not sure which one of you came up with the idea, but where did the idea of […] Read more »

I know you should never start a blog post with a cliche, but the first time I saw an AppleGeeks comic it was love at first sight. Any comic with clever satires, lovable characters, and amazing artwork is bound to turn some heads. But a comic […] Read more »

If you haven’t heard yet, Apple and AT&T have FINALLY announced the phone and data plans that will be available to iPhone users on Friday. And true to Apple form, they have convinced AT&T to offer plans the “Apple Way.” The available plans are: $59.99 for […] Read more »

A few months ago I started to mess around with a .htaccess file in connection with one of my websites. When I transferred the file from my web server to my desktop via FTP, the file never showed up. I tried again and again, but that […] Read more »

To use CFO Peter Oppenheimer’s own words, any stockholder of Apple should be “surprised and delighted” at its Q2 results. Without going into numbers… Apple made a ton of money, and did even better than they expected themselves. After listening to the Q2 Results Call again, […] Read more »

I’ve been waiting for this week with as much anticipation as the next mac geek, but I’ve probably been more nervous than most since this was my first time attending the MacWorld Expo. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Was I going to be laughed […] Read more »

Mac 5:46 – “And behold, every Mac user shall perform system maintenance on a regular basis so that he may escape the wrath that is the occasional hard drive crash. If a hard drive crasheth and a backup is not available, I the Great Mac, shall […] Read more »

There are two things that the day after Thanksgiving is famous for: leftovers and shopping. I don’t know about you, but I look forward to the leftovers more than the 4am shopping sprees; however, I will be heading over to my local Apple store today to […] Read more »

Well Sid, you did it again. Once again you have created something that will keep people awake for hours on end – living out their fantasies as George Washington or Genghis Kahn. I mean, haven’t we all wondered what would have happened if Alexander the Great […] Read more »

In today’s world of Google Maps, Skype, and iChat, it seems as though is being used less and less. I suppose it seems silly to keep your friends’ emails written down when all you have to do is shoot them a quick IM or give […] Read more »

For those of you who have never seen RapidWeaver version 3.5.0 in action, it can best be described as the forgotten middle child. Sure, it’s not as revered as the first-born Dreamweaver, and it’s not talked about nearly as much as the baby iWeb, but RapidWeaver […] Read more »

By now we’ve all heard the news circulating around the proverbial water cooler about Apple’s accounting irregularities. Yes, Apple (along with about 80 other companies) has been pushing the envelope when it comes to accounting for stock options – a severely complicated and intensely debated “grey […] Read more »

After reading part 1 of this little series called My First AppleScript, you probably felt fairly comfortable fiddling around with it yourself and have probably tried to write your own AppleScripts. Hopefully your own AppleScripts turned out great and worked like a charm. In my case, […] Read more »

I’m not a coder – never have been. For some reason my brain just isn’t wired that way. But that doesn’t stop me from trying. I’ve tried my hand at everything from QBasic to PHP with varying degrees of success. However, ever since joining the Mac […] Read more »

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