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It’s that time of the month again — time to assemble another list of fresh web programming from an assortment of online networks. Not only is there some great content, but these five announcements from the past week will also give you a sense of the […] Read more »

While pornographers have been rightly credited with pushing technology boundaries throughout history, especially in the realms of media production and distribution, the Internet has seriously shaken up the market for physical media, and online revenue hasn’t closed the income gap, said the New York Times in […] Read more »

The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences announced the nominees for the Daytime Emmys, and included categories for web shows for the first time. The winners are getting “technical achievement Oscars” treatment, as they’ll be announced on June 14, a day before the live telecast […] Read more »

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NBC Universal premiered “The Lunchbreak Show” this week. The DotComedy spin off is sponsored by also-ran fast food chain Arby’s. Viewers can sign up for a notification email to be alerted when the show starts, and there’s even a boss button in case Sarah Silverman gets […] Read more »

Colbert Cracks Wise Introducing Viacom’s Dauman: Leave it to the writers at the Colbert Report to make jokes at Linus Torvalds’ expense, to great effect. (Brightcove) Slate to Launch More Video: The project, dubbed “Slate V” will produce at least one featured video clip a day. […] Read more »

Here in Silicon Valley, one the regular items of discussion is “Are we in a bubble, and if so, when is it going to pop?” Especially among the veterans of the dot-bomb, the exuberance around the technology industry, largely driven by the rise in online video […] Read more »

Contrary to some claims reported in the media, the European Commission’s newly passed Audio-Visual Media Services regulation change does not include web video sites like YouTube and Joost, according to statements made by EC spokesperson Martin Salmayr to paidContent’s Robert Andrews. The regulations do relax some […] Read more »

TiVo, in a bid to increase its market share and fight off new rivals in the video gear business, is going to launch an economy version of its HD-DVR, according to company executives. Despite being an early starter in the digital video recording business, it has […] Read more »

Gates and Jobs Yuk it Up: The mega-rich, uber-geeky duo do their best Burns and Allen at the D: All Things Digital conference. (D5) The Associate Press Wants Proper Credit: The news agency is working with Attributor to track its content and catch infringement (print now, […] Read more »

Vlogger Pam Newman of Louisville, Kentucky posted a video on Vimeo last week that asked a provocative question: “Where are the Black People on Vimeo?” Needless to say, she got a lot of comments! Many, of course, from other people on Vimeo who identify as black […] Read more »

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In search of: An engineering ninja who wants to help keep pirates’ hands off Pirates of the Caribbean. Motion Pictures Laboratories, Inc. (MovieLabs) is a non-profit startup based in Palo Alto funded by the six major Hollywood studios to advance research in areas the movie industry […] Read more »

Perhaps motivated to maximize the impact of WPP’s purchase of digital marketing firm 24/7 Real Media, or just serenely confident now that the deal is done, WPP Group CEO Sir Martin Sorrell is telling everyone who will listen (or at least the Times of London) that […] Read more »

A New York Times article over the weekend, “The High Price of Creating Free Ads,” takes a look at the difficulty H. J. Heinz brand ketchup is having in getting quality work in a consumer-generated advertising (CGA) promotion on YouTube. The current user-submitted video tagged “heinz” […] Read more »

Could online video help find missing children? Concerned citizens worldwide have are posting their own videos on sites like YouTube calling for the safe return of Madeleine McCann, like this video, which has garnered over 150,000 views on YouTube. Young McCann went missing on May 3 […] Read more »

YouTube is getting ready to release an update of its embeddable video player. It’s currently being tested, as users seem to be stumbling across embedded clips featuring the new player somewhat randomly over the past week. Google Operating System posted the screenshot below, and Google Blogoscoped […] Read more »

The annual Festival de Cannes on the French Riviera is probably second only to the Academy Awards in terms of sheer glamour for the motion picture industry. But even selling my kidney on the black market wouldn’t necessarily garner enough money to cover a trip in […] Read more »

French media giant Vivendi is funding a startup dubbed “Vivendi Mobile Entertainment” to build a new content portal to take on News Corp.’s MySpace and Google’s YouTube, according to a report from French business journal Les Echos (Google translation). They’ve tapped Universal Music Mobile head Cédric […] Read more »

Croatia’s Social Democratic Party walked out of parliament after Interior Minister Ivica Kirin levied accusations of posting clips showing him in a poor light to YouTube. It’s not exactly the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, but it’s an indication of the impact YouTube is having on politics […] Read more »

SnapStream emailed to point up their TV Viewers Bill of Rights, which lays out a number of guidelines that networks would be well suited to follow if they want to hold on to their audience. Television is no longer the only, or even best, option available […] Read more »

The ability for content providers to specify access and prices for consumers to make copies of their HD-DVD and BluRay movies should arrive by the holiday season, according to a report from Ars Technica following up to statements made by MPAA head Dan Glickman. Glickman is […] Read more »

In a departure from its previous efforts to keep its shows from proliferating on the internet, HBO recently released the pilot of its new series Flight of the Conchords to roam free across the web. You can watch or embed the show from the HBO show […] Read more »

Search engine Technorati, which has made its name on blogs, launched an overhaul of its site today. The biggest change is a simplified front page that now emphasizes popular videos, with blogs and music playing second and third fiddle, respectively. The new look and video-forward approach […] Read more »

Interactive versions of gameshows are nothing new — the format has been ported to handheld devices, board games, Nintendo cartridges and beyond for decades now. But UK-based brings a couple of interesting new twists to the table. For starters, it seamlessly integrates video with flash […] Read more »

Richard Silver, the man who takes responsibility for creating the cultural phenomenon known as the “Electric Slide,” has agreed to stop issuing takedown notices for video clips that feature the signature dance, The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) announced today. The suit was brought on behalf of […] Read more »

KFC has produced a new commercial that’s composed almost entirely of clips found by scouring the web, according to USA Today. Videos from thirteen different people made the cut, and the spot will air during tomorrow night’s American Idol. Advertising agency Draftfcb did the work of […] Read more »

If you needed any more proof that YouTube is the new Vaudeville, YouTube announced a new sketch comedy contest called the “Sketchies.” The grand prize, provided by Paramount Pictures and Pepsi, includes a budget and equipment to produce a bit for and about Sierra Mist Lemon […] Read more »

Promotional stunts just got a bit more valuable thanks to online video. Actors Brian Baumgartner and Angela Kinsey, who play characters Kevin Malone and Angela Martin on NBC’s “The Office,” dropped by the real Scranton, Pa., where the fictional comedy is set to promote the show […] Read more »

XLNTads (pronounced “Excellent Ads”) hopes to take advantage of a crowd of amateur content producers online to generate advertising spots for big sponsors. It only follows that the first contest is to produce advertising for XLNTads. Winners receive $5,000 and 10 runners-up can choose either a […] Read more »

The book writing, Webby award-winning Ask a Ninja has launched a new player, featuring a campaign for The dynamically inserted ad clips are powered by Castfire’s video and audio CMS tool, with segments promoting’s site and Ask a Ninja’s online store. The move makes […] Read more »

The key revocation system that was supposed to permanently keep the AACS protection scheme relevant may not be effective after all — the new keys have been cracked even before updated HD-DVDs hit store shelves. [ArsTechnica] A Gizmodo feature predicts a future of non-stop format wars […] Read more »

Can’t afford a team of digital animators to create special effects for your online video project? Don’t have the necessary permits to fire weapons on set? Is your movie good, but could it possibly be better with, say, a scene where the hero escapes from his […] Read more »

The Association of Motion Picture and Television Producers and the guilds (Writers, Screen Actors and Directors) are at loggerheads, and the tension over talent costs could give rise to the first major entertainment industry strike in a generation. Online distribution gives talent an opportunity to seize […] Read more »

Looking to get your musical stylings discovered online? In the quest for ever-cheaper source material for the low costs demanded by online production budgets, web video producers are turning to everything from the Creative Commons to promotional contests to get their projects scored. For example, AudioStreet […] Read more »

One of the perks of my job is being able to wrangle interviews with filmmakers whose work I really admire. So while in New York last week, one of my goals was to sit down with Casimir Nozkowski, whose short “Ghetto Bodega” I was introduced to […] Read more »

Can’t make it to New York this week for Streaming Media East? Don’t worry, blogs about video and videobloggers are on the scene, so no there’s no need to navigate Midtown Manhattan wearing a nametag. Beet.TV has been dubbed the “official vlog” for Streaming Media East. […] Read more »

“Al Gore’s Television Network,” Current TV, is still hanging out in the upper reaches of your digital cable or satellite listings and soliciting content from viewers like you online. It’s kind of an OldTeeVee meets NewTeeVee mashup, and is shooting for that golden 18- to 35-year-old […] Read more »

Just like the media industry it covers, Gawker Media has succumbed to the siren song of producing video content for the web. To that end, Richard Blakeley was hired to produce, shoot and edit original clips for Gawker’s stable of sites including Gawker, Gizmodo and Fleshbot. […] Read more »

Looking for some fresh shows in web video land? Here’s a batch of new options from the networks. Icebox will be producing a series of its “Hidden Celebrity Webcam” animated shorts sponsored by the MTV Film Awards and distributed online by GoFish, with 13 new episodes […] Read more »

What are some of the new revenue models for video production? And what does the business of producing video for the web look like? Those were my questions for Adam Elend of Bright Red Pictures on Friday at the company’s new offices on the Bowery in […] Read more »

On May 21, the day the finale for Heroes will air, NBC will be releasing a “making of Heroes” series of online videos, as well as a series of character profiles and new installments in the web comic. Networks have been using the web to bridge […] Read more »

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