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After a well publicized but not immediately consummated first date at YouTube’s offices in San Bruno, Brandon Fletcher, who traveled across the country to try to get featured placement on the site, returned to his home of New York to release his online dating reality show […] Read more »

Thailand’s government has agreed to lift a ban on YouTube within the country after Google agreed to censor the video service for Thai users who violate local “lese majeste” laws. Google had already agreed to help with the censorship effort after a video critical of Thai […] Read more » is a simple concept — meets music videos on YouTube — that appeals to this member of the original MTV generation. And unlike’s own video service, it has the run of the YouTube house when it comes to their back catalogue of videos […] Read more »

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The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) has a hands-on review of the Elgato Turbo.264 hardware coprocessor for speeding up the encoding of videos into formats suitable for the Apple TV, iPod and Sony PSP. The device costs $99.95 and plugs into a USB 2.0 port on your […] Read more »

First off, the Apple Store in New York’s SOHO is hosting a “One Hour Film School” and even providing toys to play with along with tips to make better movies. Next Thursday, the Jumpcut team is hosting Lunch 2.0 at Yahoo’s Brickhouse office in San Francisco’s […] Read more »

People have been broadcasting live video to the Internet for years now, first mainstreamed by Jennicam. Since then, it’s become primarily a vehicle for teleconferencing, group chat, weather stations and, of course, pornography. The team recently made a splash by breaking it out of the […] Read more »

“New for the Olympics is 2,400 hours of live coverage which includes more than 1,000 hours of live streaming media (covering 24 separate sports) over 17 days,” NBC Universal Executive Officer Bob Wright told the audience yesterday for his keynote at NXTComm in a preview of […] Read more »

The Dot Comix Make Inevitable CrackBerry Joke, please do enjoy below. This is Randi Zuckerberg’s newest movie, on the heels of her second-place win at our Pier Screenings this week. (The Dot Comix) Video Could Be Boon for Cisco, as the manufacturer of Internet infrastructure builds […] Read more »

How does a meme start? It has less to do with craft and more to do with who you know and where you find them. In this case, some second-degree acquaintance pays attention to CollegeHumor, introduces me third-hand to the “Dramatic Chipmunk” thread — and even […] Read more »

Okay, maybe that headline is a bit of hyperbole, but yesterday we got a piece of great reader feedback. Mark Schoneveld, a regular reader and commenter here at NewTeeVee dropped us a line to let us know he got a new job: A while back you […] Read more »

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A team from Dailymotion showed up to the Google press event yesterday (machine translation) where the new French version of YouTube was being announced. The video below, “Hello YouTube,” is conveniently subtitled in English, but long story short, Google’s representatives say there’s just no room for […] Read more »

Popular video sharing site and viewing application creator Veoh will be rolling out a new downloadable player, VeohTV, that promises to make viewing, browsing and searching for video from around the web as easy as navigating the on-screen menus from your cable provider. You can even […] Read more »

The United Kingdom is tops in streamed online video consumption, compared to the United States, France and Germany according to the latest report from comScore. Eighty percent of the Internet browsing public over the age of 15 watched a video in April. Viewers went primarily to […] Read more »

IBS Names New CEO; David Lebow, former general manager of AOL Media Networks, is new head at Internet Broadcasting. (release) Nielsen to Merge TV and Web Ratings, once it finalizes purchase of NetRatings and creates new software to track Nielsen family usage of web and TV. […] Read more »

Three of the head honchos from HBO’s online media efforts have left the network’s New York office, including Jim Moloshok, John Penney and Carmi Zlotnik, according to Variety. It’s no Terry Semel leaving Yahoo, but it is a sign of no confidence in former CEO Chris […] Read more »

American companies are teaming up to take on the pirates, and the rhetoric from intellectual property rights holders at the networks and studios is getting dire. In a document filed with the FCC on the issue of network neutrality on Friday, NBC Universal argued that approximately […] Read more »

Estimating digital marketing spending to reach up to $100 billion in a few years, Microsoft’s chief of advertising strategy Yusuf Mehdi was one of hundreds from the company to fly to Cannes, France for the annual Cannes Lions advertising industry awards event. Executives from Yahoo and […] Read more »

Lots of stuff going on around the video world this week, from film-geeky to geeky-geeky. Of course, the entire NewTeeVee team and friends will be at our Pier Screenings next Tuesday. This month’s installment will feature parody videos — and heat lamps! Here’s one of my […] Read more »

While I’m not sure if the strictly observant are allowed to go online post-sundown tonight, after breaking bread and sipping wine tonight the chosen among us might want to check out the Jewish TV Network (JTN), a new online destination with an old testament flavor. Just […] Read more »

In an awards ceremony webcast live yesterday, the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences handed out Daytime Emmy statues to broadband shows for the first time. NewTeeVee favorite It’s Jerry Time won in the variety category. The comedy award went to NBC’s The Office: Accountants minisodes, […] Read more »

CNN is partnering with YouTube to allow people to upload videos of themselves addressing questions to the candidates in the upcoming U.S. presidential primary debates. Anderson Cooper will direct the clips to candidates and moderate the discussion. Between twenty and thirty questions will make it into […] Read more »

Box in a Box Has Crush on Obama; Team behind popular “Dick in a Box” parody brings back the magic to support the fresh-faced candidate. (ABC News) UK Networks Join Forces; BBC, ITV and Channel4 going in together on a new broadband video portal codenamed “Kangeroo” […] Read more »

The nation’s dominant Internet service provider, AT&T, is working to develop a system to prevent the unauthorized distribution of copyrighted content according to an article by James S. Granelli in the LA Times. Consumer advocates vehemently oppose any such attempt, with IP Democracy declaring any such […] Read more »

Journalist, activist and vlogger Josh Wolf made an appearance on the Colbert Report last night, and traded barbs with the faux-fascist funnyman in a five-minute interview. “The independent press is just as valuable to information in the marketplace for ideas as the mainstream press,” Wolf argued […] Read more »

Azureus, Shareaza and Morpheus are being sued by the music industry group Société des Producteurs de Phonogrammes en France (SPPF) under the new provisions of copyright law passed by the French Parliament last year, according to French blog Ratatium (English translation). The software creators could face […] Read more »

The Sopranos finale on Sunday was a huge ratings hit, and my fellow fans were in a tizzy over the mysterious ending — including those who don’t have HBO, cable or even a television. Like a lot of people, they downloaded it. Because seriously, with something […] Read more »

A trio of amicus (a.k.a. “friend of the court”) briefs have been filed in Cablevision’s appeal of a March decision in a case brought by Twentieth Century Fox in New York’s Southern District Federal Court against the company’s remote-storage digital video on demand technology. The time-shifting […] Read more »

While maybe short on Tinseltown glamour, this weekend’s inaugural Pixelodeon online video festival still dazzled. A mix of filmmakers, techies and businesspeople gathered at the American Film Institute in Los Angeles, to share ideas, go to parties, and watch screenings. While much of the discussion focused […] Read more »

Watch out, Apple TV. This little box could eat your lunch. DivX and its content portal Stage6 chose Pixelodeon, which they are helping to sponsor, to unveil their top secret consumer electronics project. The long-rumored media extender device, codenamed “GejBox;-)” after the founder, has everything you […] Read more » is dedicated to archiving public domain video footage provided by government agencies for creators to use as they wish. Network and local news programs have long had access to such archives, and soon Camkid Q. Vlogger will be able to assemble her own broadcast news […] Read more »

CNN’s viewer submission effort, I-Report, took awhile to enter the public consciousness, but it appears to be catching on. The network has started a new show “News to Me” composed entirely of I-Report videos. It’s receiving up to 3,000 useful entries a month, up 30 percent […] Read more »

A reader request has prompted me to put together an events listing for online video nerds, including those geared toward technology, advertising, filmmakers and just gettin’ down. For instance New Yorkers can check out the Future of Online Advertising event and Londoners the @ media event […] Read more »

While sequels are all the rage in Hollywood, online file sharing, erm, not so much. So reactions in Tinseltown might be, how shall I say, ‘mixed’ when the new sequel to file sharing documentary Steal This Film (Google Video) is eventually released. In the meantime, the […] Read more »

SplashCast, the Portland-based startup that offers a multimedia Flash player with a number of advanced features for syndication and aggregation, recently scored some angel funding from professional poker celebrity Phil Hellmuth, bringing its funding total up to approximately $2 million, according to SplashCast Director of Content […] Read more »

With the most trafficked Spanish-language online portal and a broadcast television property that’s actually growing, Univision is in a unique position among American networks — but that hasn’t stopped the company from expanding its online video offerings like everyone else. Like many large content providers going […] Read more »

While the Ottawa Senators try to come up with a solution to come back from three games to one after another loss the Anaheim Ducks in the Stanley Cup finals, the NHL is trying to come up with a solution to poor ratings. NBC’s broadcast of […] Read more »

Inside the Apple TV: What do the materials for the Apple TV cost? Nearly 80 percent of the unit price, according to an iSuppli estimate. Throw in marketing costs, and it may even be a loss leader. (BusinessWeek) Pitch Platform Upgrade: to relaunch site for […] Read more »

The Hangar18 from Dell’s boutique brand Alienware is like a muscle car of home media servers: up to four tuners (two digital, two analog), two terabytes of storage, 1080p resolution over HDMI, 200 watt surround sound amplifier, a DVD drive (eventually Blu-Ray) and WiFi. Of course, […] Read more »

Miro Almost Here: The Participatory Culture Foundation just released the last beta of the Democracy Player. (BoingBoing) Hart Promoted at MTV Digital: New senior vice president and general manager Dan Hart takes over Ben White’s old job at MTV Digital. (paidContent) How-To Use Federally Mandated Firewire: […] Read more »

Creators are under-informed about their rights to reuse material, and the nascent field of participatory video needs to develop best practices, was the conclusion of a recent report from American University’s Center for Social Media. The key here is that this new font and style of […] Read more »

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