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SafeMedia, which provides P2P filtering hardware for internet service providers, promised today to extend a “hold harmless” agreement to users of ISPs that adopt SafeMedia’s technology. Precedent and the DMCA already largely protect ISPs, but the Scarlet decision in Belgium has given filtering regulations new relevance. […] Read more »

I admit, I’d probably be one of the biggest infringers if there were actual penalties for overusing buzzwords. I do love a good neologism, and frankly, how else to describe what’s going on when it was all new? Well, now it’s not so new anymore, but […] Read more »

Contract Hinges on New Media Residuals, with the Writers Guild sitting down with the producers association yesterday in negotiation for a new three-year contract — producers claim web and mobile still “experimental,” writers call this “stalling tactic.” (Reuters) Gold Rush Sequel On Hold, the Mark Burnett-produced […] Read more »

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Provocative as it may be to declare ‘old media’ dead in the water, the reality of the situation is that there is still vastly more money to be made today on broadcast, cable and satellite television than there is online. As the Bear Stearns report I […] Read more »

China’s Tudou Garners $19 million, venture capital investment lead by Capitol Today and General Catalyst Partners for the the site with 40 million viewers and a new ad platform. (release, earlier report here) Kulabyte and On2 New Releases; the two digital video encoding platforms touting multi-core […] Read more »

Bear Stearns released an analyst report from Spencer Wang taking a look at online video trends [PDF]. While paidContent says that it largely states the obvious, it’s interesting to me to see how the firm backed up the Chris Andersen’s “Long Tail” rhetoric with some external […] Read more »

Thirty-six episodes into its run, Where are the Joneses? from comedian Steve Coogan’s Baby Cow productions is a fantastic example of what can be done with the serial format with online shows. The premise is fairly simple — the rather dotty Dawn discovers her biological father […] Read more »

Community Next has a disease, and the only cure is more viral! Get tips on promoting your work, or your business, online at this marketing conference in Sunnyvale running all day Saturday. If you’re in Denver and looking to learn about creating and uploading videos to […] Read more »

RawFlow Launches Selfcast, a P2P live streaming technology based on Windows Media that includes DRM after £2 million VC investment. (New Media Age) MTV Available on TheNewsRoom, yet another network making clips available via paid embed syndication. (TheNewsRoom) ABC Available on CustomFlix; the network partnering with […] Read more »

The voting is in, and Payman and Sean of Awkward Pictures have taken home the first YouTube “Sketchies” award with their series of three shorts. The camera work and editing are a cut above, and the simplicity of the scenes belies how much more work went […] Read more »

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Cable Set-tops the Boxes to Beat, suggest analysts who are bearish on the recent proliferation of movie offerings for XBox, TiVo and Apple TV. (CNN Money) Time Remarks on Al-Qaeda’s Web Savvy, “we fully expect Al-Qaeda to launch it’s own Blip.TV channel soon.” (Time) BBC to […] Read more »

Yes, sponsored advertising contests aren’t just for rum runners and ketchup bottlers anymore. Psoriasis Cure Now (PCN), your friends at Genentech and Amgen Wyeth (makers of psoriasis treatments Raptiva and Enbrel, respectively) are asking for people to submit their own videos about the ravages of the […] Read more »

It’s getting even easier to post video for worldwide distribution without giving any thought to things like craft, composition or editing. From your ugly baby to your embarrassingly drunken antics, there are fewer and fewer things stopping you from sharing your so incredibly precious moments! The […] Read more »

Billion Web Video Viewers by 2012, up from approximately 300 million today, with pay and ad-supported revenue models to flourish, says analyst report. (ABI Research) Digital Video Projection Improving, with 10-megapixel chips from Gennum and JVC pointing to an all-digital, network distribution future even for movie […] Read more »

I’ve heard it said that in web video, the editor is king — due to to the fast production turnaround times, tight pacing of short clips, and the technical understanding of digital video encoding necessary. Bill Cammack of, an MIT alum and freelance editor for […] Read more »

Unbox Movies Direct to TiVo; starting today, TiVo subscribers can order movies from Amazon’s Unbox using only their remote control. (AP) Study Supports Sponsored P2P, with Sprint sponsoring free music over file sharing networks, free content in exchange for sponsored advertising could catch on according to […] Read more »

Every want to scribble a caption on a YouTube video? Japanese web project Rakugaki (“scribbling”) makes it easy to do just that — you don’t have to read Japanese to drop a YouTube URL in the form field on the home page, click “Submit Query,” and […] Read more »

Joost Adds 88HIPHOP, the music and lifestyle network which was an early, early player in the online video game will now be available on Joost. The Internet TV provider will also have a first run of new VH1 series I Hate My 30s. (release, Reuters) Game-Winning […] Read more »

Tomorrow YouTubers aren’t just meeting in New York, but Berlin as well (check out the charming video), for 7.7.7 — details auf deutsche here. Steve Bryant will be there representing NewTeeVee at Washington Square Park in New York, so say hello! Lots of Meetups this week. […] Read more »

Netflix “Watch Now” Growing, according to numbers that show them not only beating Blockbuster, but decimating on-demand online movie sites like CinemaNow. (compete) Media Defender’s Miivi Offline, the copyright infringement honeypot meant to catch unauthorized downloaders now offline after tech media firestorm. (ZeroPaid) AXE Advertising Online, […] Read more »

PBS’ award-winning documentary and news series Frontline has gotten a $5 million grant from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur foundation to go towards creating original content for the web over the next five years, according to Variety. It’s good news for a great show […] Read more »

On July 19, the annual Harris Clash in Knoxville, Iowa will bring together drivers, crews, and thousands of fans to watch modified cars race on a short, oval, dirt track. It promises to be good family fun, but if you can’t make it Iowa, the next […] Read more »

Print isn’t the only medium having trouble with business models in the wake of web — online video is creating problems for local television news as well. San Francisco’s independent station KRON, though an early and aggressive adopter of online distribution such as blogs, is struggling […] Read more »

MGM Releases Flick Online David “Stargate Atlantis” Hewlett’s new movie, A Dog’s Breakfast, premieres on iTunes and Amazon Unbox. (Hollywood Reporter) Dilithium Raises $33 Million, in a fourth round of funding for the company that develops mobile video transmission technology. (Red Herring) JewTube No Joke, with […] Read more »

A blogger has received a cease-and-desist letter for embedding YouTube clips of lite-rock crooner Michael McDonald, Techdirt reports. Firm Baker and Hostetler, purportedly representing McDonald, issued entrepreneur Ronald Lewis the nastygram accusing Lewis of posting the videos to YouTube. Lewis, for his part, says that he’s […] Read more »

Goodnight Burbank Rip-off on Fox? Reader Jeff notes the similarity between new Fox show Back to You (preview above) and everyone’s favorite newsroom parody, Goodnight Burbank. Sped-up Ads Still Effective, with biometric monitoring showing that DVR users who fast forward through ads still respond physiologically. (NY […] Read more »

Update: D’oh! I confused Paul’s “limited government” take and maverick position for that of the Libertarian Party. As multiple commenters have pointed out, he’s actually a member of the Grand Old Party. This is what I get for missing the primary debates. Though this doesn’t change […] Read more »

When I grew up, the treatment of spiritual topics on television was pretty much restricted to the 700 Club and televangelists like Jimmy Swaggart and James Baker. Web show Ebb and Flow, rather than preach fire and brimstone and ask for cash, focuses on people using […] Read more »

French IPTV pioneer Free unveiled a new feature [PDF release] Friday for its subscribers, TV Perso, which allows anyone to plug an S-Video cable into their “Freebox HD” set top and create their own channel. Anything from a live camera feed to pre-recorded video can then […] Read more »

Beach Walks with Rox is a remarkable show. In an online video world dominated by sketch comedy, techies and how-tos, Roxanne Darling’s musings while wandering the lush coast of the Oahu defy categories. it can probably best be described as a variety or lifestyle program, and […] Read more »

Kevin Costner will be bankrolling a new animated web video show to be released over the holidays titled The Explorers Club, according a report from Variety. Written by Scotland’s Black Lamp Productions and animated by Burbank’s Chiodo Bros. Productions, Costner will voice a character and the […] Read more »

Our own GigaOM will be joining the Ask a Ninja team at the Sammy Ofer School of Communications’ BlogFerence in Herzliya, Israel which runs Sunday and Monday. Saturday in San Francisco, grab your laptop and head down to the Dogpatch for SF Video Edit, where you […] Read more »

What does it take to create a career for yourself in online video, and where do you go from there? At the Web Video Summit in San Jose Thursday, Sarah Meyers was dragged on stage to announce her new channels on The young video personality […] Read more »

Prom Queen DVD, now on sale at Amazon for $9.99, letting you watch all the minisodes in one shot on your living room set. (Amazon) AOL and YouTube Mashup. Could the two companies be working together? A screenshot leads to speculation. (Web TV Wire) HBO’s Viral […] Read more »

NBC’s DotComedy is finally jumping on the user-generated content train, announcing the addition of a new channel of viewer-create videos. The site will allow viewer-submitted clips to be embedded on web pages, though isn’t adding that functionality yet for NBC’s original programming. The best news is […] Read more »

Lisa Donovan, who gained notoriety posting her sketch comedy stylings on YouTube as LisaNova, has been accused of trying to inflate her numbers on the site. In a video posted by the notorious Trevor Rieger (reposted here), he shows dozens of ‘ghost’ accounts with no activity […] Read more »

JibJab Celebrates Independence Day, with a political star-studded Star Spangled Banner spot in time for the Fourth of July. (JibJab) MPAA Discovers Stream Indexers, sues to stop sites like and for simply linking to infringing content. (release [PDF]) Babelgum Signs Baeble Music, will help […] Read more »

The announcement of The All-For-Nots, a new mockumentary-style series focused on the antics of indie rockers as they traipse across the country on tour follows rumors we’d heard that Kathleen Grace and Thom Woodley of The ‘Burg had signed a deal with Michael Eisner’s Vuguru to […] Read more »

Hictu is a new ‘microblogging’ system that lets you post short text, audio and video links and read others’ posts via web and mobile. It brings the bite-sized format made popular by Twitter, combines it with the aggregation of your personal feeds from services like Jaiku […] Read more »

BBC Sued Over iPLayer, Open Source Consortium takes national network to European Commission court over Microsoft-only player. (BBC) RealNetworks Releases Online Video Recorder. Company succeeds in making a splash with its new player. Now it’s time for people to actually use it. (release) Red vs. Blue […] Read more »

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