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MySpace Switches CDNs; the social network behemoth has chosen to go with Akamai over Limelight, having quietly shifted providers over the course of the last few months. (Silicon Alley Insider) People Want Local News On Demand, at least according to the Television Bureau of Advertising, which […] Read more »

Last year’s Vloggies awards show party was one of those watershed events where I realized, “Hey, maybe this online video distribution thing has legs.” The winners had all produced quality motion picture entertainment, and were innovators as well — everyone from Ze Frank to Steve Garfield, […] Read more »

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YouTube and Viacom (VIA), as part of their ongoing dispute over copyright infringement, have filed their witness deposition wish lists with judge Louis Stanton in New York’s Southern District Court. Included in the list from Viacom’s counsel, led by Donald Verrilli of Jenner & Block, are […] Read more »

GOP Primary Debate Will Happen; the candidates have all agreed to participate in the upcoming debates put on by CNN with questions submitted via YouTube. (AP) VideoEgg Jumps on Facebook Bandwagon; the company now using their advertising technology and sales team to help monetize applications on […] Read more »

Heavy, the testosterone-fueled video portal with $20 million in venture capital to spend, is opening up their advertising system to anyone who can embed a video clip. The new Husky Network will surround a video player with an ad banner wraparound, and give you a share […] Read more »

Last week, the Center for Social Media (CSM) at American University’s School of Communication unveiled a project to develop a set of guidelines for fair use of copyright protected material aimed at video creators who publish online. The center will work in conjunction with the Program […] Read more »

Even if you’ve been keeping a close eye on the site this week, here’s a chance to step back and see the forest, not just the trees. And as the late summer sun dwindles, there’s hope yet for a balmy final Pier Screenings of the season. […] Read more »

I love infomercials. Especially the one where there’s lots of footage of some dude on his yacht, or petting a dog on his mansion lawn, or eating caviar on the patio overlooking the beach, while wearing a tuxedo and making a group of bikini-clad models giggle. […] Read more »

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Networks Allow Debate Footage Re-use; NBC joins ABC and CNN in giving permission for non-commercial editing and posting of video from the presidential primary debates. (Ars Technica) Harley-Davidson Brings Sturgis Online, including daily video updates from on the ground at the world-famous biker rally in South […] Read more »

Philippe Dauman Jr., the son of Viacom (VIA) CEO and former general counsel Philippe Dauman, will be reporting to work at Google (GOOG) after the Labor Day weekend, the Wall Street Journal reports. This puts father and son, both of whom received their law degrees from […] Read more »

Wizzard Media Inks Ad Rep Deals, the company signs up Tiki Bar TV and Keith and The Girl to exclusive agreements for advertising sales. (release) WeShow Introduces Widgets, a piece of code for web sites and a downloadable application for the desktop will feature WeShow content […] Read more »

In an all-cash deal, Blockbuster has acquired movie download pioneer Movielink. The undisclosed purchase price is estimated to be well below the $50 million number that came up back in February when reports surfaced that the the two companies were negotiating. Blockbuster stock was up 1.5% […] Read more »

The Onion Joins MySpace, the witty press release declines to point out the irony in America’s leading fake news service signing up with News Corp., America’s leading fake news service. (release) Syndicate News with VideoCafe, the new service from The NewsMarket offers wire footage available to […] Read more »

NBC emailed a press release last night touting DotComedy‘s use of Hiro Media‘s dynamic ad insertion technology for downloads, but since they’d already announced this in June when it went live, and after over a month, I figured I’d see if there were any results. What […] Read more »

Leading up to the Republican primary debate in Iowa hosted by This Week with George Stephanopolous, ABC was touting that American citizens could upload questions through its i-Caught web site that would then be presented to candidates during the broadcast. And whereas the YouTube questions posed […] Read more »

Music Publishers Join YouTube Suit; copyright infringement suit brought in New York district court yet to be certified as class action, but music publishers join English Premiere League, indie music publisher Bourne company and eventually the guy who started it all, Robert Tur. (WSJ) Rocket Science […] Read more »

There’s no reason to believe that the current crop of content startups will be more willing to share profits with the people who make it all possible than the studios and networks of yesteryear. Actors, journalists, film crews, and writers working in movies and television weren’t […] Read more »

Lonelygirl15 Dies; In season finale shocker, lead character Bree is killed. Actress Jessica Lee Rose is developing a web comedy, among other projects, while the show will go on with its remaining characters. (, Associated Press) CacheLogic Appoints New Lead Exec; digital media distribution startup’s third […] Read more »

The Child Safe Viewing Act, sponsored by Senator Mark Pryor, a Democrat from Arkansas, has cleared the Senate Commerce Committee. It would require the FCC to study technology that would allow cross-platform content controls to protect the children from viewing content deemed objectionable or indecent by […] Read more »

Videobloom Offers Business Video Services, another company to create small web videos for companies without the know-how to do it themselves. (alarm:clock) BitTorrent for Beginners; for those of you who still don’t know the difference between a peer and a seeder or where to find the […] Read more »

Smirnoff’s update to the popular Tea Partay video released this week, Boyz in the Hillz, is a playful sendup of the Cali nouveau riche, but it served to remind me that in the wild west of online video, there are some ethical questions about advertising sweet, […] Read more »

Dabble Celebrates First Anniversary, the video meta-search site boasts it has 17 million videos indexed, and tells us by email it has 1 million unique monthly visits. (release) Debuts New Video Player, allows embeds and will keep track of videos viewed using its ‘scrobble’ system […] Read more »

While the numbers aren’t all in, it doesn’t look like the digital market for online video advertising made serious inroads into agency spending or changed much in the way of how the networks and agencies do business. Networks and agencies were more interested in the debate […] Read more »

Last week, multimedia search startup Pluggd launched a public demo of its SeeHere search technology, which uses voice recognition and natural-language mapping to help you to drill down into specific sections of a clip. SeeHere’s color-coded “heat map” suggests points in the video that you might […] Read more »

Techies Complain to FTC over League Warnings, calling the boilerplate copyright warnings at the end of sports programming misleading. (Wall Street Journal) Nalts to Teach Online Marketing; $5,000 gets you a private, half-day tutorial in the finer points of marketing online from a veteran corporate marketer […] Read more »

Certainly one way for independent filmmakers to cash in on their work as been to sell self-published DVDs. Nothing like a double-feature of Strongbad and Ask a Ninja on a lazy Saturday afternoon, smug in your knowledge that the profits went to the artists and not […] Read more »

Forget about the major markets — if the long tail theory holds true, it’s content from and about small towns that should benefit, however modestly, from this new distribution model. Millions online are now entirely familiar with tiny French village Marly-Gomont thanks to Kamini’s viral hit. […] Read more »

The Internet has inarguably changed how we consume motion pictures, and has offered a new distribution medium to filmmakers. But when it comes to aesthetics, the process and techniques used to create content hasn’t fundamentally changed since even Eadweard Muybridge’s first motion tests. Even if done […] Read more »

Last week, won best mashup at the fourth Mashup Camp, held in Mountain View. The Flash-based site is a web video destination featuring human-programmed channels and social features, bringing together content from multiple video sites. This marks the second project of Taylor McKnight‘s to win […] Read more »

Verizon customers now have an easier way to post video to YouTube — they can send MMS messages to a shortcode 98823 (YTUBE) rather than an email address. Simply register your mobile number with your YouTube account at YouTube’s mobile page. This makes YouTube more accessible […] Read more »

As online media becomes more professional, it becomes critical to start examining the fine print. Traditionally, entertainers had agents and lawyers to do this for them — and take a hefty cut in the process. In this do-it-yourself, jack-of-all-trades business, though, it behooves you to cultivate […] Read more »

Like Robert Oppenheimer, Philo Farnsworth was not entirely happy with what the fruit of his genius wrought. Regardless, it changed the world forever. By an accident of place and time, I am finding the questions which troubled him similarly unanswered for myself. Note: This video report […] Read more »

NewTeeVee’s Pier Screenings will be at the Metreon in San Francisco Tuesday evening. This month we’re honoring content creators trying to make this pay. Enter, vote, attend! The Digital Video Expo East for 2007 kicks off today at the Westin New York in Manhattan’s Times Square. […] Read more »

Prerollr Now Revlayer, the technology that allows people to put ads on embedded videos still controversial with no mechanism to pay creators. (VentureBeat) YouTube Updates Player, allows for creators and programmers to plug in a series of favorites to run in sequence as well as the […] Read more »

Not since Purple Rain has Minnesota been so artfully chronicled in motion pictures as it is on Minnesota Stories, which celebrated its second blogiversary this week. A daily videoblog, it features all sorts of great content from, in, and about the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes. […] Read more »

Heavy Tries New Ad Format, offering custom series of sequential video spots to run alongside content, with Mike’s Hard Lemonade the first on board. (MediaWeek) MPAA Wants Filtered Internet, submits a comment to the FCC that takes no position on network neutrality except that it doesn’t […] Read more »

The Dramatic Chipmunk has a new mission — letting former teenage Paxil users know that, thanks to a class action settlement in Hoorman v. SmithKline Beecham Corp., they are entitled to $100 or more in refunds. YouTube user gbeck2 posted the following, Paxil Chipmunk, following the […] Read more »

JumpTV Acquires XOS Broadband Division; the Canadian online video site paying a little over $60 million to extend its offerings into sports broadcasting, primarily American college athletics, online. (PaidContent, release) Revver Adds CPM Ads, will roll out pre- and post-roll advertising options that earn revenue on […] Read more »

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